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Welcome to Chile's only English-language digital magazine devoted to the arts & entertainment scene!

Revista Revolver was founded in 2008 with the goal of becoming a comprehensive source of information on cultural events and entertainment in the bustling metropolitan Santiago area and beyond. Over seven years later we're still at it - exploring the city, going to shows, checking out restaurants and promising you an experience that's off the beaten path.

We're not associated with any business communities or larger corporate organizations, and we frankly aren't interested in any of that. We're 100% independent and our goal is simple: to provide you, the reader, with interesting content, with an alternative guide to Chile, and with "insider" information from people actually living in the country who are constantly striving to discover new and interesting events or places to share with you.

Our Work

Revista Revolver covers everything from local neighborhoods, to sushi restaurants in the city to local up-and-coming bands. We've recently added an article map to help you find relevant articles nearby, and our agenda is by far one of the most comprehensive ones in the city with new events added daily (yes, daily). We've even produced our own parties and events.

Our work is supported by hard-working (and fun-loving) writers, editors and photographers who, despite the toxic smog, insane public transportation system and occasional tear-gassing by riot police, can’t get enough of Chile's cultural scene. It's thanks to our staff that we quickly became the official entertainment and events magazine for the Santiago Times and have been featured, recommended or referenced in media ranging from paperback guide books to CNN Chile.

Our Team

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Robert Silva's picture
Robert Silva
Miami, FL, USA
Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Robert spent several years working as a Systems Engineer in the...
Melissa Cessna's picture
Melissa Cessna
Managing Editor
Melissa is an American expat and a life-long nomad who arrived in Chile three years ago by way of...
Pablo Reyes's picture
Pablo Reyes
Photographer, born in Talca, Chile. His works have been published in Chile and Spain, and are...
Allison Stickley's picture
Allison Stickley
Pablo Neruda lover, sopaipilla enthusiast, and wine connoisseur.
Sergio Lucero's picture
Sergio Lucero
Zoe Baillargeon's picture
Zoe Baillargeon
Santa Fe, New Mexico
A Santa Fean writer and journalist with a weakness for good coffee, books, and adventure. Zoe is...
Rebecca Sereinig's picture
Rebecca Sereinig
Rebecca, 23, gave up the European lifestyle to live in Chile. Here to learn, share and grow.
Mairead Fanning's picture
Mairead Fanning
Mairéad is a language lover, travel enthusiast and tea addict. She's from Dublin, Ireland and has...
Lauren Ashmore's picture
Lauren Ashmore
Lauren is a twenty-something Irish girl with a love for languages, all things history, LGBT rights...

Former Staff

Elaine Ramirez's picture
Elaine Ramirez
Managing Editor
Elaine tends to go wherever the wind carries her, and one recent gust swept her from New York City...
Nick MacWilliam's picture
Nick MacWilliam
Managing Editor
Nick has lived in Santiago for a number of years, during which he has taken on the task of delving...
Bill Kentigern-Fox's picture
Bill Kentigern-Fox
Vitold Baranski's picture
Vitold Baranski
Writer, Editor, Podcast Host
Nutley, NJ
Vitold is an English teacher living in Santiago who enjoys hiking. He has previously lived in USA...
Alyssa Anderson's picture
Alyssa Anderson
Alyssa attends American University in Washington D.C. and is currently on exchange in Chile. She is...
Pierre Deliso's picture
Pierre Deliso
Lourmarin, France
Pierre is a senior at American University in Washington DC and is absolutely thrilled to be...
Isabel March's picture
Isabel March
Staunton, Virginia
Isabel is a sophomore at Wake Forest University pursuing a major in Communications and minors in...
Jake Soiffer's picture
Jake Soiffer
Brooklyn, NY
Jake Soiffer is a UC Berkeley student from New York currently studying abroad at la Universidad de...
Serene Lo Bue-deshais's picture
Serene Lo Bue-deshais
Eureka, CA
Serene LoBue-Deshais is a UC Berkeley English student from northern California in Santiago for a...
Sarah Walker
Jacob Atkins's picture
Jacob Atkins
Brunswick, Maine
Jacob is a senior at American University in Washington, D.C. where he studies journalism and...
Sachi Ragosta's picture
Sachi Ragosta
Charlottesville, VA
Sarah Mosquera's picture
Sarah Mosquera
Colorado Springs
I am a Colorado native with Chilean roots; currently living in Santiago to explore the depths of my...
Marine Dupé's picture
Marine Dupé
After English, Marine wanted to learn Spanish and ended up in Santiago for her final internship....
Oxana Protchenko's picture
Oxana Protchenko
Oxana Protechenko is a photographer who was born in Moscow, Russia but raised in Cuba. She is a...
Lori Mathews's picture
Lori Mathews
Boulder, CO
A recent transplant to Santiago from Boulder Colorado, Lori is passionate about exploring her...
Mallory Bracken's picture
Mallory Bracken
Waco, Texas
Mallory loves dancing to live music, street dogs, and storytelling. Originally from Texas, she...
Samuel Hinman's picture
Samuel Hinman
Asheville, NC
Samuel Edward "Buck" Hinman (just call him Buck) is a junior at Wake Forest University in North...
Nicolette Ghimire's picture
Nicolette Ghimire
Atlanta, Georgia
Nicolette Ghimire is a Nepalese American yoga enthusiast, amateur photographer and lover of music....
Jorge Rosales Aguila