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Welcome to Chile's only English-language digital magazine devoted to the arts & entertainment scene!

Revista Revolver was founded in 2008 with the goal of becoming a comprehensive source of information on cultural events and entertainment in the bustling metropolitan Santiago area and beyond. Over seven years later we're still at it - exploring the city, going to shows, checking out restaurants and promising you an experience that's off the beaten path.

We're not associated with any business communities or larger corporate organizations, and we frankly aren't interested in any of that. We're 100% independent and our goal is simple: to provide you, the reader, with interesting content, with an alternative guide to Chile, and with "insider" information from people actually living in the country who are constantly striving to discover new and interesting events or places to share with you.

Our Work

Revista Revolver covers everything from local neighborhoods, to sushi restaurants in the city to local up-and-coming bands. We've recently added an article map to help you find relevant articles nearby, and our agenda is by far one of the most comprehensive ones in the city with new events added daily (yes, daily). We've even produced our own parties and events.

Our work is supported by hard-working (and fun-loving) writers, editors and photographers who, despite the toxic smog, insane public transportation system and occasional tear-gassing by riot police, can’t get enough of Chile's cultural scene. It's thanks to our staff that we quickly became the official entertainment and events magazine for the Santiago Times and have been featured, recommended or referenced in media ranging from paperback guide books to CNN Chile.

Our Team

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Robert Silva's picture
Robert Silva
Miami, FL, USA
Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Robert spent several years working as a Systems Engineer in the...
Pablo Reyes's picture
Pablo Reyes
Photographer, born in Talca, Chile. His works have been published in Chile and Spain, and are...
Sergio Lucero's picture
Sergio Lucero
Sergio is a mathematician and cultural agitator. His current list of interests includes building a...
Mairead Fanning's picture
Mairead Fanning
Mairéad is a language lover, travel enthusiast and tea addict. She's from Dublin, Ireland and has...
Emily Plummer's picture
Emily Plummer
San Diego, California
Emily is a third year student at University of California, Berkeley, majoring in Peace and Conflict...
Colleen Callander's picture
Colleen Callander
Point Pleasant, NJ
Colleen is spending a semester abroad in Santiago to meet new people, drink good coffee, immerse...
Greg Lorentzen's picture
Greg Lorentzen
Oakland, CA
Greg is a world traveler, lover of the outdoors, avid beer snob, and connoisseur of counterculture...
Kateryna Pavlyuk's picture
Kateryna Pavlyuk
Kateryna is a languages student at the University of Cambridge, specialising in Spanish and Russian...
Lauren Fay's picture
Lauren Fay
Boston, Massachusetts
Lauren is in her third year at American University in Washington DC studying international...

Former Staff

Kevin Kunitake
Brandon Stanley's picture
Brandon Stanley
New York, NY
Born in NY and after graduating from Fordham University in 2008, Brandon has been traveling the...
Andrew Carpenter
Mallory Pillard's picture
Mallory Pillard
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Mallory graduated in December of 2011 with Bachelor\'s degrees in English and Spanish from Regis...
Emily Romero
Sophie Bauer
Lisa Demaret
Allison Doan
Oscar Gonzalez's picture
Oscar Gonzalez
Enjoying experiences that happen in this country. Expecting every single day to see a UFO. Excited...
Zach Bezold's picture
Zach Bezold
Zach Bezold is a music journalist, originally from Baltimore, Maryland in the U.S.A. Growing up...
Charlie Bagley's picture
Charlie Bagley
Sophie Halart's picture
Sophie Halart
Sophie is in Santiago to carry out some research for her studies that have to do with Chilean...
Jessica Caimi
El Segundo, CA
Jessica originally hails from the fair lands of Los Angeles, and for a time, thought she would stay...
Derek Rossi
Christina Cavey's picture
Christina Cavey
Miranda Stolfo
Editor, Writer
Miranda grew up between New York State and Austin, Texas. From an early age she loved to travel and...
Katie David
Celina Carroll's picture
Celina Carroll
Celina is always looking for new inspiration, be it in art classrooms at UCLA or the streets of...
Karlee Johnson's picture
Karlee Johnson
Karlee, a North Dakota native...yes people do actually live there, came to Chile right after...
Jason Snyder's picture
Jason Snyder
A self-proclaimed foodie, Jason has spent the past three years traveling the world in search of...