Chilean Movie Poster Exhibit

A very interesting and innovative exposition was opened to the public on Thursday, October 23.

Santiago Chile Chilean Movie Posters

The exhibit, “Flashback: Chilean Movie Posters,” is located in Constitution Square (Plaza de la Constitución) and consists of several promotional posters of Chilean movies produced between 1925 and 2008.

Santiago Chile Chilean Movie Posters
Photo by Ana Topoleanu

The posters are digital photographs that were specially treated due to the deteriorated state of some of the oldest pieces. Visitors can see the varying designs and social contexts conveyed in order to remember a little more about Chile’s past. Some examples of these posters include, “Julio Comienza en Julio,” “Machuca,” and “El Chacotero Sentimental.”

The exhibition will run through November 2nd and is free for every one who enjoys Chilean movies and wants to know more about Chile’s seventh art.

Organizer: Universidad del Desarrollo

Plaza de la Constitución, La Moneda
October 23 - November 2

Terrazas de Showcase Parque Arauco
November 3 - 16

Universidad del Desarrollo
Av. De la Plaza 700, San Carlos de Apoquindo
November 17 - 30

Multisala Cultural
Metro Baquedano
December 1 - 14

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