Diálogos a la Intemperie: Different voices in Spanish photography

As photography situates itself as one of the most popular and paradigmatic techniques in contemporary art, the "Diálogos a la Intemperie" exhibit shows why current Spanish photographers are on board.

Photo by Cristian Valenzuela
Photo by Cristian Valenzuela

Located at the newly opened Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center (GAM), Diálogos presents the work of ten different artists from various regions of Spain. It is neither a thematic exhibit nor a historical presentation on Spanish photography: it’s a mixed body of work of the esthetically diverse manners that this form of expression has been used in recent years all over the Iberian nation.

Photo by Cristian Valenzuela
Photo by Cristian Valenzuela

The idea of the exhibit is not only to reflect upon the nature of photography but also present it through its various forms and techniques. As the exhibition itself does not have an immediate thematic, authorial or historical thread that joins all the pieces together, the common element of all of them is Photography itself.

The selected works of Diálogos deal with a variety of ways that the photographical technique is used and understood in contemporary art, ranging from the crisis of mimesis and representation, to social and political criticism. Every photographer depicts a distinctive panorama, either through the record a space with symbolic or historic significance, or the creation of a unique montage.

It reflects on how Photography is not only an instrument involved in every person’s day to day life (such as Foncuberta’s “Googlerama” series which consists of three large images composed by hundreds of small photo frames extracted from Google Images), but also how it faithfully portrays and registers the country’s everchanging style an aesthetic panorama (Miguel Trillo’s “Tres Décadas”).

Photo by Cristian Valenzuela
Photo by Cristian Valenzuela

At the same time, artists like Jordi Bernadó and Daniel Canógar ruminate on contemporary development and globalization, whether through English welcome’s in Barcelona (Bernardó’s “El Prat) or through dystopic montages of technology (Canógar’s “Otras Geologías”).

While addressing different themes, every photographer dialogues with a different spaces and characters, as well as diverse techniques. Some such as Montserrat Soto and Valentín Vallhonrat stay true to realism, Ana Teresa Ortega experiments with light installations

In Diálogos a la Intemperie, through ten very different artists, Spanish photography presents its diversity, its multiple voices and unlimited range of possibilities.

Accompanying the exhibit, the GAM organized a series of talks and conferences that took place in the auditorium. Pep Benlloch was invited to speak about the history of Spanish photography; Ana Teresa Ortega dictated a conference titled “Photography, Territories and Memory; and Enric Mira, a renowned art theorist, did a seminar on photography theory.

Diálogos a la Intemperie
September 21st to November 20th, 2010
Tuesday to Saturday: 10am to 8pm. Sunday: 11am to 8pm. Closed Monday.
Free entry
Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral (GAM)
Av. Libertador Bernando O’Higgins 227
Metro: Universidad Católica
(2) 566 5500

Photographers included in the exhibit:
Mira Bernabeu
Bleda y Rosa
Jordi Bernadó
Daniel Canogar
Joan Fontcuberta
Ana Teresa Ortega
Xavier Ribas
Montserrat Soto
Valentín Vallhonrat
Miguel Trillo

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