Experimentaciones: The Transgression for Freedom

In the Contemporary Art Museum (MAC) and in Espacio Arteabierto Itaú there is a Brazilian exhibit that displays a radical change in modern photography. The photographs are all about breaking the rules of the traditional. Instead of photographers simply capturing an object or a setting, here they are showing a new and odd perspective to the photos.

Santiago Chile
Photo by Michelle Lezana

The photo exhibit “Experimentaciones” (Experimentations) explores the surreal, plays with fiction and drifts into a sea of new visions. The displays are profoundly engaged with the freedom of the mind found in dreams, getting rid of the materiality that subordinated art. They show the impossible through a media that used to only represent reality.

Santiago Chile

Brazilian modernism reveals the inner power of photography, detached from the idea that photography was meant to be a loyal servant for painting, finding the independence of the pictorial and representational art that was not plausible in its primary stage.

For us, common users of cameras, who are more familiar with the capturing reality in photographs, this exhibition digs into an unknown visual language. A main feature of this is the hybrid composition of images. When entering the exhibit we see a photograph of a girl living inside a light bulb, next to a double-exposure photo of landscape overlapping bewildering architecture and followed by an image of backlit workers with unreal backgrounds.

By altering the images through several techniques with negatives, these revolutionary photographers make reality a secondary element of the photograph. So is the case of the floating chairs in Cadeira Unilador by Geraldo de Barros, defying gravity and completely falling into the abstract.

Santiago Chile

Even in composition, perspectives have evolved from the traditional and established; new angles that the eye is not able to see are frequent as evident in Pernas, a photograph by German Lorca that shows us the landscape of a woman approaching a table or a chair from the ground level.

Although this kind of photography seems to be completely outside of the real world, there still exists real phenomena such as motion and urban aesthetics as seen in the architecture shots in the exhibit. They show the result of the development of photography in times of technological uprising.

“Experimentaciones” works like Narnia’s wardrobe, leading us to an unknown world in photography that tears down the walls of logical thinking. It’s a journey full of surprises, that unravels unpredictably in front of our eyes.

General Admission: CP$600
Students and elderly: CP$400
Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 7pm
Sundays 11am to 6pm
Parque Forestal by Metro Bellas Artes

Espacio ArteAbierto de Fundación Itaú
Free visits
Monday to Friday 9am to 2pm
Apoquindo 3457, Las Condes, Metro El Golf

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