Huellas de un troquel en la naturaleza

While perusing a gallery displaying oversized rock, I soon realized that sculptor and architect Maria Soledad Chadwick’s underwater treasures left me, well, underwhelmed.

Santiago Chile Huellas de un troquel

The 15-piece "Huellas de un troquel en la naturaleza" (Footprints of a die in the wild) exhibit can certainly be called cohesive. But this common thread of coral, coral and more coral seemed to come at the cost of presenting the public with anything remarkable. By combining resin, concrete and mixed media, Chadwick’s work fails to live up to its ambition.

“These sculptures express the constant comprehension of the forces of nature before the ephemeral aspect of existence and of man,” Chadwick explains.

Santiago Chile Huellas de un troquel
Photo courtesy Galeria Artespacio

Her aim to portray the relation between coral and sea life translates into little more than differently colored, albeit aesthetically pleasing, coral sculpture. As I read the pieces' titles, “Coral in Green,” “Coral in Blue” and “Coral in White and Blue,” I realized my déjà vu was simply an artistic eye--or any eye, for that matter--getting bored.

While the intricacy of the pieces undoubtedly required a lot of work, Chadwick’s Huellas should be left for the fishes.

However, the space itself is an open, two-story gallery located in the swanky Boca Raton of Santiago. With a separate exhibit like David Taggart’s photography upstairs recently, Vitacura’s Galeria Artespacio would be well worth the trip.

Huellas de un troquel de la naturaleza
October 8- November 3, 2008
Free Entrance
Galeria Artespacio
Alonso de Córdova 2.600
Lunes a Viernes 10:00 - 20:00 hrs
Sábados 11:00 - 14:00 hrs

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