Jean Piguet: Mil Dibujos

As children, we each had our private monsters and often these creatures would find their way into the light through our scrawled, strange, fantastical drawings. Jean Piguet's "Mil Dibujos" (Thousand Drawings) has an air of that child-like fantasy in his miniature sketches.

Mythical, disproportional figures with numerous eyes drawn roughly in surreal scenes. There are studies of skulls, collage-based sketches and an exploration of shapes and contrasting spaces.

The drawings are mounted on three curved installation walls in the main foyer of the Bellas Artes National Museum. Grey, black, white and muted ochre hues, each drawing is set in the same format of 50x70cm paper divided into twelve compartments of 15x15cm scenes.

“I abandoned color for the privilege of the development of the stroke and the way it combined with different techniques and materials. I focused my attention on the composition of the grid-tables,” said the artist.

The original idea for his work was based on a photograph of a room with a table that had a jar of pencils on it, a chair and walls covered in multiple black and red ink drawings. This was the room of painter and writer Valere Novarina, who had spent two nights and days drawing to the point of exhaustion.

“This process fascinated me. In his [Valere's] process I found the answer to the problems that I faced as a painter. I wanted to experience the freedom of Valere and decided to create 1000 drawings in six months, leaving open all avenues, all possible combinations and every imaginable topic.”

This is the first exhibit of Jean Piguet's in the Bellas Artes museum. He was born in Switzerland and has been an artist in residence in Chile since 1994.

Central Hall Museo de Bellas Artes
29 August – 28 September

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