Martin Parr: 'Playas' Photo Exhibition

Be it big-breasted women in Brazil, a couple going in for a kiss in Chile, or an old wrinkled man slurping some maté in Argentina, Englishman Martin Parr's new series of photographs, Playas, depicts beach culture on twenty different beaches across Latin America.

Santiago Chile Playas Photo Exhibit

The location settings of each shot are initially unclear. Parr forces us to use our common sense by seeking out the imagery stereotypical to each country, which he likes to call an "unbearable likeness of being."
"With photography, I like to create fiction out of reality. I try and do this by taking society’s natural prejudice and giving this a twist," Parr says.

Santiago Chile Playas Photo Exhibit
Photo by Jeff Kennel

The series is gritty and real, with a sense of photojournalistic flare. Yet each photo is colorful and highly entertaining, due to satirical elements as well as from the sheer beauty of Parr's ability to capture movement in a true-to-life way.

The fact that the pictures are printed as street posters and dotted around Santiago enhances this element of realism.

See them quickly and admire their captivating essence before they get graffitied on!

Through November

Four locations:
Diego Portales building, Santiago Centro
Matta Avenue, Parque O'Higgins
Mapocho Metro station
Ñuble Metro station exit

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