Músicos, luces e instrumentos

Chilean photographer Cristián Soto Lopez’s exhibition "Músicos, luces e instrumentos" (musicians, lights and instruments) captures the pain, pleasure and determination of 25 modern-day musicians. Stop by the Centro Arte Alameda from now until June 8 to see some of your favorite artists at their most powerful or most vulnerable.

Santiago Chile
Photo courtesy Celina Carroll

Past the humble display area, the man-made waterfall and shiny couches made for pre-movie lounging, the photo exhibit comes to life. We’re met by Madonna, shining in a white top hat and a spandex bodysuit with triceps bulging, while in contrast Michael Stipe of R.E.M. appears the reluctant rockstar in a pin-striped suit with a wrinkled face. Lopez shows us a side to these rockers that we might not know.

Santiago Chile

Chilean pop artist Nicole looks like a 1950’s sex kitten, captured mid-twist in black-and-white film. Chilean rock artist Francisco Gonzalez looks down the camera lens forlornly, wearing eyeliner and a white suit, as he quietly hugs his guitar in the spotlight. The publicity poster for the exhibition itself captures Martin Ferrés as he skillfully shows off for his audience; muscular, clad in a t-shirt, playing an accordion behind his back.

Even Sting, photographed in his Police days, looks elegant, as he plays the guitar with emotion. José Bravo looks confident in a hat and headphones, concentrating on a beat only he can hear.

Continuing along the walls of carefully displayed works, Jim Reid of the Jesus and Mary Chain is backlit, amid a smoky background, looking more badass than he probably deserves. Next to him, Beto Cuevas wears white sunglasses and a printed lightning shirt, caught mid-clap, as he sweeps his hair to one side and looks out into an adoring audience.

Santiago Chile

Daniel Muñoz, famed Chilean actor and leader of the cueca group 3x7 venteiuna, is dressed as an Elvis impersonator, striking some kind of Graceland pose. He’s next to a black-and-white portrait of Claudio Venezuela, with back-lit puffy hair, wearing a goofy smile as he gazes out at the Alameda’s curious viewers.

Lopez’s photos display a range of musicians, from Chilean to European to North-American artists, at their prime or at their most emotional. The exhibition presents an exciting perspective from a photographer on his career escalation, and runs until June 8 2009.

Free Admission
14:00 - 21:30
Centro Arte Alameda
Alameda 139, Santiago, Chile

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