Project Páramo in Valparaiso

The blending of art with its surroundings is the most notable aspect of Proyecto Páramo, the latest installation at a modern boutique hotel in Valparaiso, which is specifically created for the space which it now inhabits. The temporary installation is based in the Hotel Fauna on the picturesque Cerro Alegre and its three-dimensional dynamic takes fully into account the distinct contours of the building, in effect becoming an extension of its own environment.

Project Páramo (photo by R. Fantuzzi)
Project Páramo (photo by R. Fantuzzi)

The installation, by Santiago-based artists Camila Lobos and Laura Vernaza, uses the hotel’s unique design to create the likeness of organic composition, principally floral, through spatial structure, shape and colouring. The project centres on a wide rectangular space that is filled with long beams that seemingly emerge from the earth and are set at haphazard angles in a branch-like appearance that is offset by filtered light, symbolising the energy that channels through life. Aligned with a soundtrack of natural noises, the overall tone is one of sensual tranquillity that manifests itself in the representation of a defined ecosystem.

This new space, in which silhouettes shift and merge as they continuously alter perspective, challenges our concepts of ‘coexistence’ by drawing a direct contrast between the organic and the artificial, the two key distinctions of our world. It poses questions as to the influence projected by these opposing structures, and as to how they intervene or struggle with one another.

Project Páramo seeks to emphasise the ability with which apparently arid and rigid environments can be transformed into vibrant images of organic structure. As our societies grow ever more industrial, technological and developed, the project serves as a portal to the other side: that of the corporeal elements of our existence. Its deliberate contradiction is plainly evident in the nature of the setting, where an artificial environment is created within the manufactured confines of human development.

Event flyer
Event flyer

The Hotel Fauna has a clear focus on preserving the area’s heritage while also merging it with contemporary styles. Its metallic exterior gives it a highly distinctive appearance amid the colourful old houses so typical of Cerro Alegre, yet this enhances the characteristic of the area, as the traditional and the contemporary sit side by side reflecting the diversity that encapsulates Valparaiso today. The city’s artistic currents and Pacific views make it a throbbing cultural hub that serves as a fine alternative to the bloated and belching Santiago.

Project Páramo opens on the 18th August, with its official inauguration (with DJ after-party) on the 23rd August. For more information, you can contact the Hotel Fauna or simply turn up on the aforementioned dates.

Proyecto Páramo by Camila Lobos and Laura Vernaza
Hotel Fauna Valparaiso
Pasaje Dimalow 166
Cerro Alegre
Tel: (056) 32 – 3270719

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