Robert Capa and the English of South America

Two photographic expositions from one of the most renowned 20th-century photojournalists and a contemporary Chilean photographer are on exhibit at the Las Condes Cultural Center through November.

Santiago Chile Robert Capa

Robert Capa, war correspondent (1913-1954) is a black-and-white anthology that captures some of the most intense moments of the 20th century, from the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, to the liberation of Paris, to the French Resistance plotting out its next move. Also displayed, to name but a few captivating examples, are up close and personal shots of the Spanish Civil War and pictures of the birth of Israel.

Santiago Chile Robert Capa

“If your pictures aren’t good, you’re not getting close enough,” the Hungarian photographer was known to say. Capa gets so close he allows his observers a privileged, intimate glimpse into the roughest bits of our not-so-distant history.

There’s also a video documentary on Capa's life and the legacy he left behind in 1954, after he got a little too close to a land mine that exploded while he was filming the War of Indochina.

Santiago Chile Robert Capa

Also at the Center is Felipe Forteza's Los ingleses de Sudamerica ("the English of South America"). The Chilean photographer explores, through an exhaustive series of photographic comparisons, the century-old claim that Chileans are the English of South America because of their supposed shared sobriety and stiff upper lip.

Side by side, we see pictures of different subjects in Santiago and in London: Children playing, folks in a cafe, iceboxes, the police, a Chilean wolfing down a completo in the street next to her English counterpart making similar short work on a cheeseburger.

While far from enlightening, it makes for an interesting and unlikely comparison.

Robert Capa, war correspondent (1913-1954)
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