'Síndrome de Abstinencia: El Amor como Narcótico en Tiem...

Santiago Chile Sindrome de Abstinencia
Photo courtesy Diego Molina

The Biblioteca de Santiago is showcasing Síndrome de abstinencia ("Abstinence syndrome"), an exhibit displaying illustrations and poems of young artist Diego R. Molina that explore romance and the emotions evoked from lack thereof.

In about 10 works, Molina delivers his artistic reflection on human emotions like solitude and frustration. This is the exhibit's prevalent theme: loneliness in the world, in oneself and in love.

Santiago Chile Sindrome de Abstinencia
Photo courtesy Diego Molina

Molina compares love to a "narcotic" for its strong emotional tug-of-war between euphoria and emptiness: an addiction that forms when it's found, and lingers once it is lost.

The lack of love leads to devastation and loneliness, which is what Molina reflects in his illustrations of blue tones, graphic pen sketches and watercolor.

Featured within his illustrations are the torsos of nude women, from different angles but always alone. Anguish, loneliness and frustration in the present day are the themes of this exposition that is, without a doubt, worth a visit.

Síndrome de Abstinencia

Closes February 27, 2009


Biblioteca de Santiago

Matucana 151 (between Agustinas and Moneda)

Tuesday to Friday 11 am to 8:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday 11 am to 6:30 pm

Translation by Marisa Muñoz

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