2nd Annual Film Festival Cine//B a Great Success

Hundreds gathered for the awards ceremony at the 2nd annual Film Festival Cine//B on Wednesday, July 15 at Cine Arte Alameda. This year’s festival featured over 200 independent and international films that were showcased at venues: Cine Arte Alameda, Cine UC, Lastarria 90, Centro Cultural de España and Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MAC).

Santiago Chile

The film fest exclusively featured B-movies, defined as low-budget films featuring relatively unknown authors and a short running time usually between 60 and 70 minutes. The event brought together film students, actors, and local industry leaders in celebration of the growing movement in Chile.

Santiago Chile
Photo courtesy "Te creís la más linda"

Over nine days the Lastarria neighborhood hosted a slew of international flicks from Ecuador, Venezuela, Russia, U.S., France, Philipines, Argentina and Peru. An amazing feat for a festival showcasing low-budget films.

The film fest “took over the neighborhood,” in the words of Director Antonino Ballestrazzi, as a sign of the growing cinematic movement in Chile.

Awards were handed out for the top films in the most prestigious categories at a ceremony after the last film “Porno” showcased at the Alameda. The winner for Best Director was “Te creís la más linda (pero erís la más puta)” by José Manuel Sandoval, a humble director who happily received his keg of beer and trophy as an award. The audience’s choice award went to “Pequeña Paloma Blanca” by Christián Barbé. The best short film was awarded to “D-Construir” by Eduardo Bunster. The panel of judges was composed of leading students from film schools around Santiago.

Santiago Chile

In addition to the international fair the festival had unique exhibitions like “DIY”, a collection of films made to be given away for free, and “Creative Commons,” a collection whose format or running time excludes it from regular screenings. One of the films in this collection was “Evolution of a Filipino Family.” With an astounding running time of 11 hours, a special award was given to one brave soul for sitting through the entirety of the film.

Next year’s event will take place simultaneously in Valparaíso, Concepción and Santiago and will include more than 300 films.

Film Festival Cine/B

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