Classic Movies Cheaper Than Completos

Remember the time when it wasn’t necessary to choose between paying the rent or going to the movie theater since it was still cheap enough to do both? Maybe you’ve never known those days, nor the films released then. Well, it’s time to enjoy both thanks to Cine a Luka.

Photo by Oxana Protchenko
Photo by Oxana Protchenko

Yes, a luka, CP $1,000, to discover or re-discover huge classics in the heart of Santiago. A few blocks away from La Moneda, La Normandie Theater is only twenty years old but looks definitely twenty more with its old school luminous sign, ’70s colors on the walls and vintage wooden seats. And no classic theater is complete without a balcony!

Photo by Oxana Protchenko
Photo by Oxana Protchenko

Cine a Luka started in 2012 and, in theory, projects two films every week. Tuesdays are for international classics; good news for those wanting a break from Spanish, as often the movies are in English.. David Lynch, Christopher Nolan and Lars Von Trier for only a luka! Thursdays are for Chilean lessons (let’s face it, it’s not Spanish) and discovering the country’s best releases like Jodorowsky’s films. And for a bonus: one Sunday a month a selection of recent international short films are shown in all languages (subtitles in Spanish). While the regularity isn’t perfect, it’s good enough to satisfy the biggest film lovers.

The theater can host 650 moviegoers and fills up quickly! Reserve your seat ahead of time by visiting the official Facebook Event created for each film and check “going”. In fact, it’s first come, first served at this theater so you’ll want to show up on time.

 (Marine Dupé)
(Marine Dupé)

The movie buffs in Viña aren't forgotten since every Sunday—again, theoretically—a movie a luka is projected at Cine Arte.

So, for a fun and cheap night out that will allow you to get your movie fix while also being able to pay your rent (and, maybe even enjoy a completo too) check out the Cine a Luka on Facebook (the website is really poor in information).

Cine a Luka
Tuesday (often movies in English), Thursday and one Sunday a month
Le Normandie
Tarapacá 1181, Santiago Centro.
Metro La Moneda

Cine a Luka Viña del Mar
Cine Arte
Plaza Vergara, 142

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