Festival Cine UC presents 'Rabia'

Nobody ever said finding a job was easy, but when job openings are few and far between, the hunt can be truly maddening.

Santiago Chile Rabia Festival Cine UC

Rabia ("Rage") follows 25-year old protagonist Camila Sepúlveda, in search of a secretarial job. Camila spends her monotonous day going from one interview to another, finding herself in constant competition with other women who have better skills, are prettier, or are simply more charismatic.
Santiago Chile Rabia Festival Cine UC

Because of limited job opportunities and financial resources for women, employment becomes a case of survival of the fittest--or at least in this case, the richest. Constant rejection and failed interviews wear down the spirits of women who find typing and answering phones extremely unrewarding but nonetheless fight for the jobs as a means for survival.

While on the surface the film appears to be a mere series of dry dialogues between Camila and her unemployed acquaintances, Rabia harshly criticizes the average woman’s job hunt and professional experience in Chile. Camila and her fellow interviewees represent the working women who simply try to make ends meet, but find themselves struggling to stay afloat in the dismal job market.

For the rest of the month, the film festival at Universidad Católica offers an array of both Chilean and international movies, including free matinees. The Casa Central's sala de cine (movie room) provides a cozy and comfortable theater-style environment equipped with an excellent sound system.


Directed by Oscar Cárdenas

With Carola Carrasco, Constanza Aguirre, Camila Aguirre

Festival Cine UC

Until March 1

Matinees 12 and 4 pm free, evening shows 7 and 10 pm CP$2,000 ($3.35), students CP$1,500 ($2.50)

Casa Central at Universidad Católica

Alameda 390

Metro stop: U Católica

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