Mecal 2012 - Santiago's short film festival

The MECAL Chile Festival, which opened on Wednesday 7th November, is a feast of short films showing the random and the bizarre, with teaser clips that vary from sweet children's anime echoing the Little Prince, a zombified Obama Bin Laden's spoof invasion of a French resort island, an intriguing documentary of a transvestite teen who grew up completely accepted by her peers, clips of bizarre two-headed men making out with two-headed women and a fantastical carnivorous vampiric she-octopus.

Mecal Chile 2012
Mecal Chile 2012

This is the first Festival Latinoamericano e Internacional de Cortometrajes produced outside of its Barcelona headquarters. Films will be shown in various theaters in Santiago and Chile until Nov 14th at Centro Arte Alameda. In 1998, it began as the International Festival of Short Films of Barcelona. Nowadays, Mecal Barcelona has branched out to collaborate with Chilean filmmakers creating a festival designed to feature works of local cineastas as well as bring in avant-garde international content that might not otherwise be shown outside of Europe.

Jaime Carmona Daroch, Director of Mecal Chile said the festival also serves in bringing together filmakers for conferences and to create an international network of these artists for future projects.

Festival Director Jaime Carmona Daroch
Festival Director Jaime Carmona Daroch

The festival is a short film competition for over 300 original documentaries, fiction and animation shorts with separate Latin American and International categories featuring entries from over 25 countries. Roberto Barrueco, Program Director of MECAL Barcelona, said that this is the first time that the festival has been held outside of Barcelona.

Based in Centro Arte Alameda, the festival is also showing films in a number of venues around Santiago, including the Cineteca Nacional at La Moneda, the Göethe Institut, the Centro Cultural del Instituto Chileno Francés de Cultura, as well as screenings in Viña del Mar, Valdivia and La Serena.


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