Ají Amarillo: Home of the artisanal sour

Located in a quiet yet enchanting area on the Providencia side of the Provi/Ñuñoa confluence, Ají Amarillo is romantic and inviting. Its yellow paint, outside lighting and smooth music beckons you to come in and stay awhile.

Photo by Derek Lactaoen
Photo by Derek Lactaoen

Although the prices are a bit steeper than the average empanada-eating extranjero is accustomed to spending, the food is still affordable and designed to share. The dishes are inventive and exquisite and well worth every peso.

Photo by Derek Lactaoen
Photo by Derek Lactaoen

The bonbones de pollo (cubes of chicken breaded in ginger and honey) is a lovely dish with a pungent taste perfect to accompany your drinks. The drinks are modestly priced, especially at happy hour when you’ll pay CP$1,800 for any of the artisanal sours. And if you particularly like one of the flavors, you can buy your own bottle costing anywhere between CP$4,100 and CP$5,900 CLP. The long list of tasty treats on offer include: Maracuya, Mango, Banana, Chirimoya, Miel de Palma and if you had a rough day, Whiskey and Vodka sours are available as well. All are made additive-free with jugos naturales.

And if its blends of fabulous drinks and great food aren’t enough, the service is phenomenal. You will enjoy pleasant conversation with many of the waiters and waitresses as well as the owner, Jorge Jaramillo, who is often on site greeting his customers with a friendly smile. The staff will explain which of the drinks best accompanies each of the dishes that are offered.

But it is Jorge's cultivated interest in building upon an idea that is still in its budding stages here in Chile that is most intriguing: Going Green.

Photo by Derek Lactaoen
Photo by Derek Lactaoen

Jorge and his team are planning to open a new restaurant and Jorge takes the time to talk about his plans of building his next sustainable and eco-friendly restaurant. His ideas include, but are in no way limited to, building with adobe and developing an outside garden.

Ají Amarillo opens at 6:30 PM and the kitchen is open until 1:30 AM yet drinks are still served after if there are customers wanting another round.

An experience at Ají Amarillo is a must do during your stay in Santiago. Its delightful food and drinks selection will be beckoning you back days later for another taste.

Aji Amarillo
Manuel Montt 1719
Providencia, Santiago
Phone: 833-7773

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