Akarana: Where the Good Drinks Are

Piscolas are great but sometimes you’re just in the mood for a good cosmo. If a variety of drinks are what you’re looking for, then Akarana is the place to go.

Photo by Mauro Tapia
Photo by Mauro Tapia

Dell Taylor, owner of Akarana and Café Melba, prides herself on the cocktail menu available at the restaurant but even after Happy Hour, the restaurant menu does not disappoint. The prices may seem intimidated for a Santiago budget but those willing to venture in for the quality experience of Akarana will leave satisfied.

Photo by Mauro Tapia
Photo by Mauro Tapia

The restaurant, now open for seven years and counting, offers lunch specials on its menú ejecutivo. The mix-and-match menu offers a good array from ceviche to fillet steaks starting from CP$7,400 (USD$15.00 without appetizer) to $9900 (with an appetizer). A lovely (and refreshing) detail is the fruit floating in the water pitchers that will leave you questioning why you never thought to add strawberry and pineapple slices to your water.

On Thursday and Friday evenings, live music or a DJ accompany the popular happy hour specials (Monday-Sunday 6-9). Any night is set by a sophisticated yet casual tone that goes perfectly with the wrap around terrace that beckons you into its shady comfort. At night, candles light up the atmosphere and on cold nights, heaters warm up the terrace that includes a tapas (appetizer) bar.

Photo by Mauro Tapia
Photo by Mauro Tapia

The bar is a destination in and of itself with yummy drinks like an Absolut Hunk (CP$2,200 during Happy Hour) or made-to-order classic Marinti (CP$4,000-$8,000). Beer fans will not go without with the truly international selection. An order of chicken spring rolls is a delicious accompaniment.

For those that decide to stick around or simply come in for dinner, the menu is sure to please just as much as, if not more than, the cocktail menu. From New Zealand style fish and chips (CP$8,700) to Indian goat curry (CP$9,600), the menu brings a bit of everything. A common crowd pleaser is the filling “Famous Akarana Pumpkin Ravioli” (CP$8,600) that achieves a balance between the sweet and soft pumpkin and the crunch of the toasted almonds and crispy spinach. Deserts are also mouth-watering so try to save some room.

Photo by Mauro Tapia
Photo by Mauro Tapia

A visit to Akarana is definitely an indulgent treat. Its quality justifies its prices. Although more upscale than the casual Café Melba, Dell Taylor still greets her guests whenever possible and has a story to tell behind many menu items. A visit to the bathroom will give a chuckle or a smirk in reaction to its décor that adds a bit of Dell’s sense of humor.

Akarana is open from noon until midnight almost every day of the year (exceptions being Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day). Its convenient location next to the new Las Condes Civic Center (parking garage), Metro station El Golf, and the Ritz Carlton Hotel make it convenient for Santiago residents and travelers alike.

Akarana Restaurant and Bar
Las Condes
Reyes Lavalle 3310 (on the corner with La Pastora)
Phone: 2-231-96-67
Monday-Sunday: noon-midnight
Metro Station El Golf

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