Basic Bar: Gringo Heaven

If you're new to Chile and are utterly disappointed with the standard choripan, or if you want to catch the big game back in the States, satisfy your craving for a fish taco or just hang around some folks who remind you of those back home, then Basic Bar is the place to go.

Santiago Chile Review Basic Bar

With good food at reasonable prices, at Basic you can find that California burger or quesadilla you long for from home. Though as a California native I might have a slight bias, the menu has something to offer regardless of where you’re from. The bar also offers several promotions throughout the week, like 2-for-1 happy hours and 2-for-1 pizzas on Mondays.

The owners are three friends from California who moved to Chile a few years ago to try their hand at a business here. They are friendly and mingle with their gringo clientele. English is widely spoken, so even if you are a little worried about your Spanish, you’ll feel very comfortable at Basic.

Santiago Chile

The thing I love about Basic is the satellite television from the United States. As an avid sports fan, I was able to watch my beloved UCLA Bruins football team upset Tennessee this year, live on ESPN. Football, basketball and baseball are all televised (depending on the season) so you’ll be able to watch your favorite teams all year round.

Bring a lot of folks, but come early because the bar has only a few TVs.

Every few weeks or so, Basic throws huge parties that are well-publicized amongst the gringos in town, like earlier this year when the restaurant transformed into a club on the Fourth of July and everyone celebrated until the wee hours.

So if Santiago is still feeling sort of strange and you need a little taste of the good stuff from back home, head to Basic.

Exit Station Irarrazaval at Irarrazaval, head east two blocks.

Basic Bar
Ñuñoa, Santiago. Chile.
Av. Irarrazaval 667
Phone: 269 57 93

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