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[Brunch] (n): a meal usually taken late in the morning that combines a late breakfast and an early lunch. It is a phenomenon that has gone viral in the international food scene over the past few years. For the average Chilean, however, brunch is a foreign concept that contrasts the flow of a light breakfast (tea and toast) to a heavy lunch (think classic asado with at least five types of meat). Fortunately for brunch devotees, chefs all around Santiago have been stepping up their game in recognizing this truly sacred meal.

Whether the justification for brunch is to catch up with friends, or - let’s be honest – to recover from one too many piscolas the night before, Revolver has selected some of the best restaurants for brunch that Santiago has to offer.


 Photo by Nicolette Ghimire
Photo by Nicolette Ghimire

Located by the W Hotel in Las Condes, this chic spot offers the classics of brunch with fancy presentations and delicate preparation. Don’t be fooled by the “weekend only” brunch advertisement, because their daily breakfast menu is just as delicious. They have platters of bacon, roasted tomatoes garnished in rosemary, waffles with Saigon cinnamon and much more. However, there is no doubt that the star of the menu is their Eggs Benedict. Priced at CP $5,250, or US $8.59, this dish qualifies as a worthwhile brunch investment. The creamy yet airy Hollandaise sauce paired with the smoked salmon will have your taste buds wanting more. Take advantage of the outdoor seating (although the tables are very close to each other) or opt to eat inside with a view of the open kitchen as the chefs prepare the food. Also, PSA to the Santiago foodies: if you’re looking for a great selection of cheese, spices, and rare products, a pilgrimage to Coquinaria’s gourmet selection is a must. Their extensive selection of imported goods range from Marmite to Ethiopian coffee. The breakfast menu is available daily until 11:30 in addition to an extended brunch special on weekends until 16:00. Opening hours vary by location.

Writer's Pick For: Best Eggs Benedict

+3 locations:
- Isidora Goyenechea 3000
Las Condes, Santiago, Chile (Map)
(location mentioned in this article)
- Alonso de Córdova 2437
Vitacura, Santiago, Chile
- José Alcalde Délano 10533
La Dehesa, Santiago, Chile
+Coquinaria Website

Holm Ensaladería

 Photo by Nicolette Ghimire
Photo by Nicolette Ghimire

If you happen to be the outcast vegetarian in the midst of a country of meat lovers, don’t miss out on Holm Ensaladería. With nineteen years of experience in the culinary scene, Danish owner Victor Holm created this salad joint in order to “give Chile’s creative society more focus on vegetables.” His passion for food easily translates to platters vibrant with color, variety, and creativity. Be prepared for a huge plate full of various fruits (including caramelized grapefruit), a side salad, yogurt sprinkled with chia seeds, home-made bread, and even a Chilean inspired lentils purée. While a bit on the pricier side (about CP $9000 for the vegetarian brunch), the price to portion size/quality ratio makes it totally worth it. Looking to add some refreshing juices to your daily diet? The selection of fresh juices (including one called Bloody B**ch) does not disappoint. Holm has even recently begun a ten-day individualized juice detox program. It is clear that this place is truly revolutionizing the vegetarian options here in Chile. For those craving your carnivorous dose of the day – have no fear. Holm offers accompaniments such as crispy bacon or asparagus wrapped in prosciutto. Get your nutritious brunch fix here any day of the week from 10:00 to 16:00.

Tip: Try to get here as early as possible because this popular spot becomes super packed with neighboring professionals during lunch hour.

Writer's Pick For: Healthiest, Most Well-Balanced Option

Holm Ensaladería
+Padre Mariano 125
Providencia, Santiago, Chile (Map)
+ Holm Ensaladería Facebook

The White Rabbit

 Photo by Nicolette Ghimire
Photo by Nicolette Ghimire

If you’re looking for a boozy brunch, look no further. Located in an eclectic food corner of Bellavista, owners Chad Klonsky and Peter Vanek truly know how to make a fellow bruncher feel at home. The ambience and the menu reflect the owners’ European and American roots, with options ranging from steak and eggs to the more herbivore-oriented selection of salads. The best part? All of their ingredients are farm-to-table. After ordering a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, it was easy to tell that this place is serious when it comes to the quality of food. No joke- this very missed classic will truly give you life (beware for strange looks every time you say “YAAAAS”). Paired with one of their extensive selection of drinks, you’ll be sure to have a much-needed Sunday funday. While you may still be hungover from the night before (bless Chilean parties that last until 7:00), that is no excuse not to try their killer Bloody Mary. Make sure to make a reservation beforehand, since this place is very popular among foreigners on the weekends. Although there is limited outdoor seating, it is possible to make a reservation for a larger group inside. Brunch is available on Saturday and Sunday 12:00 – 16:00.

Writer's Pick For: Best Drinks

The White Rabbit
+ Antonia Lopez de Bello 0118
Bellavista, Santiago, Chile ( Map )
+ The White Rabbit's Website

Other options:

Quinoa : Tucked in a quiet, upscale part of Vitacura, this cozy little restaurant offers a vegetarian brunch option on Saturdays. Their limited menu includes yogurt with granola, homemade bread with avocado, fresh jam and honey, and an omelet. If you are looking for a lengthy brunch with the classics, this may not be your place. However, their delicate and simple dishes make a nice little meal that won’t clog the arteries.

Café Melba : A simple Google search for “brunches in Santiago” will bring up Café Melba as one of the first options. However, after recently undergoing a change in ownership and management, this once-praised icon has gone downhill. Although portions are large, the quality of food and service does not hold up to the high standards set by its former owner from New Zealand. A visit to the Las Condes location resulted in undercooked potatoes, undercooked bacon (yes, there is such a thing as bad bacon) and a stomachache. Caution: faith in the art of brunch may be lost here.

Special thanks to: Andrés Lukoviek, Chef Catalina Aranda, Peter Vanek, and Victor Holm.

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