Cafetería Santiago – The Coffee Kings

With its unassuming exterior, one could be forgiven for passing Cafetería Santiago off as just another run of the mill cafe, serving run of the mill coffee, but oh what a mistake this would be.

Santiago Chile
Photo by Haylee Magendans

Cafetería Santiago specializes in coffee - good quality, expertly made and beautifully presented. Here, your expresso is served short with a delicious thick golden orange crema floating delightfully on top. Their cappuccino (CP$900 or US$1.75), surely one of

Santiago Chile
Photo by Haylee Magendans

the best in Santiago, is served with the smoothest silkiest milk, enriched with micro bubbles that gives it the creamiest texture sure to indulge even the most discerning palate.

In addition to coffee, a deliciously seductive range of luscious Italian hot chocolate (CP$1200 or US$2.30) is available, perfect to satisfy that mid-afternoon chocolate craving. Hungry punters can be well-catered for with scrumptious toasted Panini's (the 'Derenjena', consisting of Eggplant, tomato, cheese & olive paste, comes highly recommended), quiches, delectable cakes, a selection of Twinings tea, milkshakes, made-to-order natural fruit juices and more.

Located on the corner of Catedral and Teatinos, Cafetería Santiago provides atmosphere for any mood. The outdoor area is perfect for soaking up some winter sun. Alternatively if the winter chill is cooling your coffee too quickly, you can sit inside and watch the world go by through the floor to ceiling windows, whilst admiring the artwork of local photographer Alexis Diaz.

If you're feeling a bit more reclusive you could cruise downstairs to the basement lounge area, with its warm red walls and retro wallpaper, to shoot the breeze with a friend or browse through one of the many copies of The Clinic that hang, artfully draped on the handrail.

Santiago Chile
Photo by Haylee Magendans

Returning to Chile after a stint in Germany, owners Henno and Uky opened Cafetería Santiago at the end of 2008. Being serious coffee drinkers and noticing a gap in the market for well-made coffee,

they took it upon themselves to perfect the art of the Barista. Each cup is lovingly crafted at the perfect temperature, guaranteeing a nice rich brew with none of the bitter burnt taste that is so commonly found in Santiago.

Musetti Rossa is their house coffee, a stronger more robust blend, and additionally they offer a second specialty blend, usually lighter and more fruity, which changes regularly. With excellent coffee, enticing snacks and free WIFI, this central city cafe will never fail to delight.

Cafetería Santiago
Santiago Centro
1289 Catedral (corner of Teatinos)
Phone: 891 4240
Monday - Friday 7.30 am to 9 pm
Saturday 10 am to 3 pm (closed Sunday)
Metro Santa Ana

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