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In a sea of café con piernas and Nescafé, Coffee Culture Coffee Roasters (CCCR) in Maípu is a shining beacon of hope and light for all of those who love good coffee and good company.

From the moment you cross the threshold, CCCR gives off the vibe of a close friend's living room. With the comfortable couches, spacious tables, excellent service, and the sound of Frank Sinatra's smooth voice drifting in on the speakers, one can truly see how Jake Standerfer's guiding concept of "coffee culture" comes to life at this treasure of a coffee shop.

After a career in international humanitarian aid relief, native Californian Jake and his Chilean wife, Heidi, decided to open up CCCR in 2012. Their goal was to remain at the forefront of "coffee culture," meaning they wanted to emphasize informed consumption of ethically-produced coffee made with high-quality beans. At the same time, they wanted to develop a space that promotes the creative exchange of ideas and attracts writers, artists, musicians, and the general public--as Jake says, "coffee invites that kind of atmosphere."

CCCR offers organic specialty coffee beverages, delicious sweet and savory treats (the tomato, cheese and basil sandwich rocks), and coffee to order that is freshly roasted every week. Furthermore, the space serves as the stage and sounding board for concerts, poetry readings, and lectures. CCCR has also participated in food fairs at The Shamrock. Check out the upcoming performance by Marco Hidalgo, a Maípu folk singer, this Friday the 24th at 9:30pm!

One of the more unique aspects of CCCR is the Maípu location. Jake tells a funny anecdote about how he had mentioned to a local food critic that he had recently opened up a coffee shop in Maípu, and was first met with dead silence, and later: "You're in MAÍPU?"

Maípu is not the first place that comes to mind when one thinks of specialty coffee shops in Santiago, but it has truly come into its own as one of the fastest-growing comunas (link is in Spanish). No longer just a subset of Santiago, Maipu is a city and cultural hub with lots of options catering to the foodie crowd, such as Cuanto Té Quiero (a tea shop), Maruzzella (an Italian restaurant), and Cervecería Rústico (a craft beer pub).

CCCR has further cemented its position as an important part of the local community through its partnership with the municipality to offer barista training workshops, which are free for Maípu residents. This collaboration with Maípu demonstrates how CCCR goes the extra mile to giving back to the comuna and providing job training skills to local residents.

If you are looking for an excellent coffee shop outside of the Santiago expat-bubble, Coffee Culture Coffee Roasters needs to be at the top of the list. Its high-quality products, friendly service, and creative space make it worth the visit. Special thanks to the members of the Food Finds in Chile Facebook group for their recommendations for this article!

+ Coffee Culture Coffee Roasters
+ Maipú
+ General Ordoñez 199 (cross street is Manuel Rodríguez)
+ +56 2 2881 0528
+ Monday through Friday 9:30am to 9:30pm
+ Metro Plaza de Maipú
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