Como Agua Para Chocolate: Libido Served Fresh Daily

Inspired by Laura Esquivel's romantic novel of the same name, Como Agua Para Chocolate is one of the most romantic spots in Santiago.  Embracing the aphrodisiacal qualities of food, the plates are plentiful and succulent, making this Bellavista restaurant one of the best spots in town.

Photo by Jason Snyder
Photo by Jason Snyder

While presentation is certainly a priority when indulging in the sensual side of gastronomy, this restaurant also boasts an extremely diverse menu with dishes ranging from Congrio flambé to Ave de la Pasion (Bird of Passion).  For that special night out, share the fajitas or Cocimiento de Frida y Diego, a stew of seafood, chicken and smoked meat simmering in a terracotta bowl. The liquid is said to add that extra something that made Don Juan so (in)famous.  Main dishes start at CP$5000 (US$9), and the ample portions and eclectic presentation are sure to satisfy your gastronomical desires.

Photo by Jason Snyder
Photo by Jason Snyder

Before you engage in this truly culinary adventure, try one of the specialty drinks such as the Aji Sour (Pisco, limon, aji) to get your appetite flowing. As if the food and cocktails were not enough, Como Agua Para Chocolate sports one of the most extensive wine lists in Santiago. From CP$6000 (US$11.60) and up, you are certain to find the wine that truly compliments your night out.

If you have a group, take a seat at the bed with plates arranged on a freshly ironed sheet.  This is just one of the quirks that makes Como Agua Para Chocolate a truly unique place.  It is a must for those who call Santiago home, as well as those just passing through.

The ambiance combined with the succulent menu is sure to keep the romance going far beyond the walls of this establishment.  Although the Mexican-inspired cuisine is not the cheapest joint in Santiago, you will not be disappointed.  The portions are bountiful and the atmosphere is like no other restaurant in town.  The added value of a night out at Como Agua Para Chocolate will give you the best bang for the buck.

If you plan to dine after 8 make sure to make reservations.  Nothing slows down a romantic night like waiting half an hour for a table.

To get to Como Agua Para Chocolate take Line 1 (Red) or Line 5 (Green) to Metro Baquedano.  Cross the river and walk down Constitución to #88.  Look for the black cauldron.

Como Agua Para Chocolate
Constitución 88
Telephone: 2-7778740/ 2-7354511

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