Delhi Darbar: Curry, Naan, and Mango Lassi in Santiago

Aromas of curry, cumin and mint swirl around your mind, evoking images of an Indian feast. You can almost taste the delicate flakiness of a fresh samosa... if you find yourself craving genuine Indian food, but wonder if Santiago can come up with the goods, head to Delhi Darbar. This new Indian restaurant in Providencia won’t let you down.

Santiago Chile
Photo by Joanna Rozniak (click for more photos)

Delhi Darbar opened just one year ago and is quite an unusual find in a South American city. Obtaining the various spices used to compose traditional Indian meals was difficult, according to the chef, but the right flavors have been achieved by using a combination of local and imported ingredients.

Santiago Chile
Photo by Joanna Rozniak

The décor is suave and modern, with purple walls and white accents in the furniture and decorations. Adorning the walls are pictures of Indian goddesses and beaded curtains decorate the windows. There are two floors: the first is for comfortable dining, and the second is a bit more trendy .

Despite the modern look, however, this restaurant serves all the traditional favorites: various types of naan (Indian flat bread), Byrani rice, and plenty of both meat and vegetarian dishes. As for appetizers, the samosas, a type of Indian empanada filled with potatoes and peas, are amazing; also worth a mention are the “corn tiki” - a little fritter of corn and spices. A spinach version is also available.

For the main course the menu provides a wide choice, including creamy spinach with chicken or cheese cubes, vegetables, lamb and much more.

Santiago Chile
Photo by Joanna Rozniak

The chef is from India and definitely knows what he is doing. And do not forget the renowned “mango lassi,” a type of smoothie made with yogurt and mango. This creamy drink will help all the spiced food go down smoothly. There is a list of desserts that will leave your mouth watering, including typical dough balls in a sweet sauce. That is, if you aren’t too full after the generous main courses.

Most dishes range from a reasonable CP$3,000 to CP$7,000 (US$5.50 to US$12.50), and with Indian specialty foods, an authentic chef and a sleek interior design, Delhi Darbar gets everything right. You don’t need to travel to India – you can experience the real thing right here in Santiago.

Delhi Darbar
11 de Septiembre 2345
Santiago, Chile
Metro: Los Leones
Phone: 3218102

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