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Pop-up restaurants mix the best ingredients of a restaurant and a friend's house: a chef and a homey atmosphere. Also called Supper Club, these temporary restaurants have been popular since the 2000s thanks to the Internet revolution. They pop up online, operate from secret spots and easily sell out, so a reservation is needed to attend these dinners favored by foodies. The Pizza Supper Club of Santiago is the perfect place to try one of these pop-ups, a great experience to share pizzas and so much more.

 Photo by Warhol Olivera
Photo by Warhol Olivera

Bellas Artes, secret spot. When they sit around the table at the candlelight, the twenty guests don't yet know that they'll have so much to talk about. Tables are big to allow guests to speak Spanglish all night long with groups of friends, couples and solo travelers from Argentina, Chile, USA or France. The host himself speaks good English just in case his strong Argentinian accent scrambles the subtleties of his nice conversation.

 Photo by Dalai Warhol
Photo by Dalai Warhol

Warhol Oliveira is an expat who adopted Santiago; a traveler, a dreamer who created a pop-up restaurant without any previous experience. His adventure started in London where he cooked and played music for a living. After Time Out magazine named his Pizza Supper club as one of the best pop-up restaurants in town , he sold out all his dinners for months before leaving for Chile in February 2015. The plan was to come here for a few weeks before heading to Mexico. Well, Warhol liked Santiago too much to leave it yet. Good for us.

Argentinian pizzas are like Chilean wines: a historically imported product that became a national bestseller. Italy's culinary traditions have been adopted, transformed and nationalized by Argentinians to create really specific pizzas. After some antipasto, Warhol serves a faina, a chickpea flour pizza, on top of a mozzarella pizza. Plentiful! Then comes a fougassetta, a thick dough with onions and cheese, to finish with a flan and dulce de leche.

 Photo by Dalai Warhol. Fougassetta, a thick dough with oignons.
Photo by Dalai Warhol. Fougassetta, a thick dough with oignons.

But more than the food, what makes these dinners original is that the chef is also a musician. He learned playing the same way he learned cooking: self-taught. Before dessert, he grabs his guitar and reveals several of his own songs. He sings in Spanish and his voice goes surprisingly high; the emotion passes, with or without understanding the lyrics. At 11 pm Warhol is sorry to have to close; the evening went by fast and the new friends have just enough time to exchange their numbers before jumping on the last metro.

Warhol organizes two kinds of celebrations: these intimate dinners in the Bellas Artes neighborhood and bigger events with more people, the next of which will take place on August 29 and September 5. What also makes this pop-up especially attractive is the low price: from CP $12,000 to CP $15,000 (US $17 to $21) for a four-course meal and a drink (beer or wine). Information is available on the website , on Facebook or by writing to

From London to Santiago, Warhol has seduced both the press and his hosts and will easily win over Mexico, where he plans to go at the end of the year. Don't miss the chance to discover this pop-up restaurant before it vanishes.

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