Foody Thespians Can Rejoice at Amorio

Update (4/8/2010): Latest reports are that Amorio is no longer operating as a restaurant. The venue recently held an opening night as a club and the website is no longer available.

Shimmering in the heart of buzzing Bellavista, Amorio restaurant catches the eyes of passers-by with its large, illuminated glass facade that gives the impression of an elegant greenhouse in the night.

Santiago Chile Amorio
Photo by Kyle Weaver

There is no menu on display and from the outside the general glow and pristine white tablecloths make the place look more expensive than it is: prices at Amorio hover around CP$5,500 (US$9) for a starter and CP$9,000 for a main course.

Santiago Chile Amorio
Photo by Kyle Weaver

The atmosphere inside is modern and confident, but not pretentious: within the glass walls you feel at ease and well looked after by the swift and friendly staff.

Drama abounds both in the name “Amorio,” which means “romance” or “love affair," and in the small Teatro Mori Bellavista located just behind the restaurant. The restaurant and theatre, both owned by famed Chilean TV actors Benjamín Vicuña and Gonzalo Valenzuela, offer up a thespian utopia: theatre-goers can enjoy dinner, drinks or a delicious bar snack before seeing a play.

The dramatic duo designed their restaurant so that the illuminated glass area houses the seated smoking section at the front, while further inside the non-smoking part looks attractive if less incandescent.

If you don’t feel like a full-blown dinner, Amorio has a very civil bar upstairs complete with a tiny balcony that seats four and a separate bar menu (prices range from CP$4,000 to $9,000).

In keeping with Amorio’s exterior, the food glows as well. The sharp, fresh Carpaccio de pulpo (octopus carpaccio) is flavorfully combined with a sprinkling of bacon or pork scratching.

Santiago Chile Amorio
Photo by Kyle Weaver

Also outstanding, the Risotto tinto y filete de ternera (red risotto and steak filet) comes perfectly gooey and the steak on top is tender and smoky. The Corvina del pacifico white fish (CP$8,400) is delicate and well cooked.

The Asado de Tira estofado 7 horas (pulled roast stew cooked for 7 hours) remains the house specialty and can sell out completely by 10 pm. The Tres Leches with Berries cake makes for an indulgent and creamy dessert to finish off.

As the final touch, a decent wine list includes some excellent pinot noir such as Quintay from Casablanca, which quaffs especially well when served chilled.



Constitution 181 (at Antonia Lopez de Bello)

Phone: 777 1454

Metro: Baquedano

Teatro Mori

Phone: 777 62 46


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