Golfo di Napoli: Simply Santiago's Best Pizza

Camouflaged as a dive from the outside, Golfo di Napoli in Ñuñoa is a hidden treasure. Fully Italian from the food to the service, this unpretentious restaurant serves the most delicious pizzas and pasta dishes in Santiago at dirt-cheap prices.

Santiago Chile Golfo di Napoli
Photo by Kyle Weaver

The smartly dressed waiters glide with old-world flourish and bring fresh ciabatta and homemade ricotta cheese to your table when you select one of Golfo's award-winning pizzas or pasta dishes, big enough for two hungry lumberjacks. The handmade gnocchi are moist, consistent and smothered in sauce. The pizzas are massive, stone baked and generously covered in quality ingredients ranging from clams to mushrooms, bacon and the finest Italian cheeses and sausages.
Santiago Chile Golfo di Napoli
Photo by Kyle Weaver

The dishes range from CP$4,000 to $6,000 (US$7 to $9) and the wine list is traditional, high quality and also cheap. Because of the size of the dishes, it’s a good idea if you’re with a group of friends to get a few different ones to share.

Owner Vicenzo Guarino, who hails from Naples, Italy, has participated in international pizza championships and taken home the En Italia prize as “master pizza-maker.” The hallways are filled with photographs of Guarino posing with various Chilean celebrities.

While scoring very high in the bueno and barato categories, Golfi di Napoli isn’t very bonito, apart from the fussy charm of the anachronistically gallant wait staff. However, the quality food makes Golfo di Napoli a definite go-to for anyone craving excellent Italian food.

Golfo's pizza delivery service kicks off in March 2009.

Golfo di Napoli

Irarrazaval 2423 (between Marchant Pereira and Pedro de Valdivia)

Phone: 341 3675

Bus: 403, 503, 513

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