Guris: Hedonism Served Tenedor Libre

If meat is your thing, take a trip out to Guris for a night of protein-packing fun with all-you-can-eat meat.

For those unfamiliar with the sleek ambiance of tenedor libre (all you can eat), get ready to loosen up your belts as servers armed with skewered meat surround your table to offer you the best of Brazil, right here in Santiago.

Santiago Chile Restaurant Review Guris
Photo courtesy Ashley Stone

If you think meat is the only thing driving people to Guris, prepare to be amazed. Although the meat certainly takes center stage at this Ñuñoan hotspot, there is also a 200-item buffet station. From a variety of salads to fish to feijoada (Brazil’s national dish), you are bound to eat your money’s worth at this hedonistic paradise.

As soon as you take a seat at the jungle inspired green tables, enjoy a caipirinha – Brazil’s national drink made with cachaça, sugar and lime – to get the appetite started.

Ladies pay CP$7,100 (US$13) for the “dine ‘til you whine” experience, while guys pay CP$9,900 (US$18). For the vegetarians out there, take a swing around the super-buffet for CP$8,000.

Although this restaurant's fixed prices may seem a little pricey, the experience of overeating Brazilian meat puts it all into perspective. With games in the back, Guris gives you the opportunity to turn your dinner into an all-night excursion , allowing for incremental breaks from the four-legged feast.

On the weekends, prepare to see scantily clad women dancing for your entertainment. If you’re lucky, you might be selected for a dance contest to win a bottle of champagne.

With a diverse, reasonably priced wine selection and plenty of succulent meats from Brazilian steak to chicken heart and even wild boar, Guris is where you can eat until your arm goes numb.

Although there is no need for reservations for parties under 10, keep in mind that this place gets pretty packed on Fridays and Saturdays.

Guris Brasileiro
Los Leones 3093
Telephone: 2-223-2944

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