La Boa Torio: An Organic Oasis in Downtown Santiago

With a name that hints at the eclectic ambiance found inside, La Boa Torio (or "Laboratory") may pass for an unassuming café from the outside, but inside it's a whole other story.

Photo by Natalie Estay
Photo by Natalie Estay

La Boa Torio specializes in ambiance and combines natural and man-made artistic elements to create a relaxing and fun environment.

Photo by Natalie Estay
Photo by Natalie Estay

Art abounds throughout the cafe in a myriad of mediums, adding a fun and exciting flair to whatever cup of exotic tea or delightful snack you may choose off the menu.

Located a block south of Parque Forestal, La Boa Torio is a perfect little refuge from afternoon traffic or a weekend stroll through the park. Comfortable armchairs and tables outside face the courtyard patio and provide the perfect people-watching spot. Inside, the décor and different “scientific instruments” such as plastic test tubes with spices and sectioned plastic boxes full of teas further add to the chemistry. Up the steel stairs is a secret attic hideaway complete with blankets and rugs, love notes hanging along the wall and circular mirrors scattered on the ceiling.

Photo by Natalie Estay
Photo by Natalie Estay

Perfect for a weekend treat or an after-work snack, visitors can chose from a variety of pizzas, sandwiches or salads. For something lighter, La Boa Torio also has a wide range of specialty teas and juices to choose from. The thin-crust pizzas are tasty and fresh and come at an affordable price (CP$3,000). The sandwiches--available both hot and cold--are simple yet satisfying. The corn, arugula and cheese sandwich with a sprinkle of oregano on top offers a surprisingly tasty combination (CP$900 and CP$1,700). If you have a sweet tooth, the lemon pie with drizzled chocolate sauce (CP$1,200) will surely leave you satisfied.

Daily specials are promoted on the chalkboard outside and may consist of a sandwich and juice combo for only CP$1,500 (US $2.73). La Boa Torio also emphasizes all organic and Chilean products--another great reason to visit.

With reasonable prices, a varied and enjoyable menu and perfectly unique decor, La Boa Torio offers a delightful dining experience that is well worth checking out.

Cafe La Boa Torio
Esmeralda 731
Barrio Bellas Artes
Santiago, Chile
Telephone: (56+2) 638 74 70

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