Las Vacas Gordas: Find the Fat Cow Within

Did the owners of the restaurant Las Vacas Gordas (The Fat Cows) name it for its tender cuts of beef? Or is it a reference to customers’ self-perception after a satisfying feed? Opinions vary, but what’s clear is that the restaurant feeds guests delicious, massive meals.

Photo by Carla Pasten
Photo by Carla Pasten

After settling into their seats, customers at Las Vacas Gordas embark upon a formidable task: perusing the lengthy menu. Most require quite a while to choose between the numerous and varied entrees, so thankfully the wait staff provides bread and meat empanadas in the meantime. Combined with a drink - perhaps the slightly tart pisco sour (CP$990 or US$1.85) - this could easily constitute a small meal in and of itself. But no one visits this restaurant to barely fill their stomachs.

Photo by Carla Pasten
Photo by Carla Pasten

Given its name, the restaurant obviously specializes in beef dishes and customers can choose from an extensive list including Biffe Medallóns con Tocino (CP$5,990 or US$11.10). Any carnivore will eagerly devour this dish, consisting of two oversized circular chunks of beef wrapped in bacon. Although surely enjoying each bite of the tender slabs, few can make it through the entire plate; the portion could easily feed two.

Guests looking to explore other beef-less options can enjoy equally-scrumptious meals. Not only does the seafood menu rival the beef one in length, but it is also equally delectable. The ceviche de reineta, for example, overflows with fish in a slightly salty broth (CP$4,590 or US$8.50). The brimming bowl, although large, is significantly lighter than much of the other fare, making it an excellent choice for those not keen on that fat cow feeling at the end of their meal.

For patrons who avoid devouring the flesh of any creature whether from land or sea, Las Vacas Gordas also offers a few vegetarian options. The limited vegetarian menu includes just three dishes consisting primarily of uncooked vegetables. The produce is fresh and it proves to be a tasty, albeit unexciting, option for herbivores dining at Las Vacas Gordas with their carnivorous companions.

Both vegetarians and meat-lovers will find the pasta menu appetizing as well. Although more limited than the beef and seafood menus, the heaped platters prove delightful. Vegetarians beware however, many of the pasta dishes such as the ravioli (CP$3490 or US$6.45) feature meat in some capacity.

Regardless of what you choose from the menu, the overwhelming quantities of food will leave most unwilling to move after their meal. Thankfully, the restaurants’ lively ambiance creates an excellent environment in which to relax, chat and digest while feeling like an overfed, but definitely satisfied, cow.

Las Vacas Gordas
Cienfuegos 280
Brasil Neighborhood
Santiago, Chile
Tel: 5626733962
Monday - Sunday: 12:30-00:30
Metro Station: Santa Ana

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