Moloko Bar: A Clockwork Orange a la càrte

(The following article was translated from Spanish to English by Marisa Muñoz.)

As Santiago's classic venues have slowly been replaced with hot spots to drink, relax and escape the monotony of work and school, Moloko Bar appears on Tobalaba Avenue as if out of a movie--the 1972 classic A Clockwork Orange, to be precise.

Santiago Chile Moloko Bar
Photo by Kyle Weaver

In 2007, Francisco Azofeifa's urge to try something new led him to a bright idea inspired by Stanley Kubric, one of his favorite directors. With his former bar experience, Azofeifa and two others opened up Moloko, a reconstruction of the infamous pub in the 1962 book by Anthony Burgess and film directed by Kubric.

Santiago Chile Moloko Bar
Photo by Kyle Weaver

The film's influence is quite clear in the orange and yellow décor?and round arches over the doors in Azofeifa's locale, and the resemblance is stunning enough to almost imagine the patrons drinking Moloko milk, the beverage of choice in A Clockwork Orange that kept its drinkers elated.

While Azofeifa says the bar is open to the public, the prices certainly say something else. The price per person may range between CP$7,000 and $10,000 (US$11.50 and $16.50) for the night, a cost clearly targeted to young adults.

But prices aside, several drinks stand out on the menu, like the mojito with fresh mint (CP$3,000) and green tea with ginger and mint (CP$1,500), as well as a signature version of the Cosmopolitan so notoriously sipped on Sex and the City--less sweet, more bitter and a bit stronger than the norm (CP$3,000).

Santiago Chile Moloko Bar
Photo gentileza Kyle Weaver

As far as the food goes, it's all exotic. Indulge in the Rollo Vietnamita, a thin roll of shrimp, pita, cucumber and sesame, or the Ecuadorian shrimp with sweet-and-sour and sesame sauce (CP$2,800).

And while the table service--or lack thereof--results in considerable wait time (be warned), the taste and quality of the bar's offerings are well worth the patience of its patrons.

While Moloko is distinguished by its innovation, it's without a doubt simply a spot to enjoy a pleasant, relaxed moment and savor one's precious free time.

With an interesting scene, a unique ambience and delicious food, Moloko is a place that gives free rein to the imagination--perhaps so far as to picture being in the same bar as A Clockwork Orange's Alex DeLarge himself.

Moloko Bar


Tobalaba 881 (between Carmen Sylva and Copihues)

Phone: 492 4152

Peak hours 9 pm to 1 am

Metro: Cristobal Colón

Translation by Marisa Muñoz

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