The Politician’s Café: 'Brown Tea and Soup'

Since May of 2001 when 'Brown Tea & Soup' first opened, it has been a popular eatery for important politicians, including Chile’s former president Michelle Bachelet. The restaurant sits hidden among various ministries, and only steps from La Moneda. Brown’s elegant atmosphere and delicious food and drink attract all kinds of professionals, causing the restaurant to reserve a table in the back for surprise visits from its many dignified clientele.

Photo by Carolina Bastias
Photo by Carolina Bastias

Brown remains a secret gem tucked behind buildings, but has a welcoming atmosphere.

Photo by Carolina Bastias
Photo by Carolina Bastias

The restaurant’s warm, quiet courtyard enchants passersby, while its elegant, peaceful interior is accompanied by large windows that let in warm rays of sunshine. It's the perfect place for the average tourist or Santiaguino to get a taste of Chilean politics.

The restaurant is most noted for its incredible selection of seasonal soups that change every six months. For the spring and summer seasons, Brown offers cream of artichoke, cold tomato and cucumber (served with ice cubes) and onion among other delicious soups.

Brown offers more than 30 varieties of tea, including 16 mixes of the English brand Ahmad Tea, as well as a wide selection of coffee that can be accompanied by scrumptious breads and sweet treats like cakes and pies. For the early birds, stop by Brown after 8am for a great breakfast of breads, yogurts and fruits to go with your coffee or tea.

For lunch, the political and executive clients that visit Brown are given the set menú del día offering two choices of soup and two choices of entrees, including a vegetarian one, for only CP$3,200.

Photo by Carolina Bastias
Photo by Carolina Bastias

One can also enjoy its delicious variety of salads, such as the Mexican (lettuce, beans, churrasco, cheese, guacamole) accompanied with nachos, the Underground (spinach spaghetti, marinated olives, shrimp tails, cheese, chives and soy sauce served on a lettuce base) and the classic Caesar.

This unique little café even named some of its delicacies based on its political location and clientele like sandwiches named “Ministerial” and platters called “Tabla Democratacristiana.”

Although the kitchen closes after 4:30pm, it still offers once (a light afternoon meal) until 10pm, so people often stop by after work to enjoy its happy hour and sandwiches after a long day at work.

‘Brown Tea and Soup’ is a charming place to visit, morning, afternoon or evening and can provide a rare glimpse of Chilean politicos. Its breakfasts are a perfect way to start the day, its afternoon menú del día replenishes the body and gives it fuel and its evening sandwiches and drinks are a great way to relax.

Brown Tea and Soup Restaurant
L. Gotuzzo 144
Santiago Centro
Santiago, Chile
Metro La Moneda
Telephone: 6997007
Average Price: CP$4,000 - CP$8,000
Hours: Mon- Fri 8am-10pm (kitchen closes at 4:30pm, but sandwiches, cakes, tea, coffee and drinks still available)

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