Pura Gula: The Right Way to Eat Pizza

In the bohemian and recently forgotten Barrio Suecia hides Pura Gula, a pizza rodizzio where good service meets great taste, for little money. Waiters with Brazilian accents and charming smiles bring through a variety of gourmet pizzas with unthinkable toppings, where you can choose to eat as little or as much as you please.

Photo by Thomas Rimbot
Photo by Thomas Rimbot

The owners of this innovative restaurant imported the concept of a pizza rodizzio from Brazil. Pura Gula was the first restaurant to bring this new style of pizza consumption to Santiago: rodizzio, many times associated with meat, is a system where waiters bring food to your table and as the diner you decide how much you want to eat of each of the dishes on offer. The idea of consumo libre (all you can eat) hits a good note when paired with pizza. Instead of eating a limited number of boring slices of pepperoni pizza you can have a delicious and limitless assortment of slices.

Photo by Thomas Rimbot
Photo by Thomas Rimbot

Pura Gula offers untraditional toppings like spinach, corn, hearts of palm, caramelized onion and avocado, among others. For dessert you can have an unlimited number of sweet pizza slices topped with chocolate, fruits, peanuts, or manjar. Salty and sweet toppings lay on a thin, sometimes crispy, light dough prepared in a brick oven.

If you are feeling unadventurous, at Pura Gula you can order a whole pizza with the same toppings instead of eating rodizzio style. However, you will probably end up regretting your unexciting decision as you see waiters parade around the restaurant flaunting other delicious choices to your fellow diners.

Monday through Friday from 1pm to 6pm, you can delight your stomach with unlimited gourmet pizzas and a free refillable soft-drink or juice for CP$4,500 (about US $8.50); if you pay CP$500 (about US $1.00) extra, you can also add an unrestricted amount of sweet pizzas. After 6pm and on the weekends drinks are not included in the CP$4,500 deal, but the unlimited sweet pizzas remains the same, a very small price for a complete Pura Gula, and worth it.

Pura Gula is a much better option against greasy traditional international chain pizza options. For half the price you would pay for a large pizza prepared in a traditional oven, you can have unlimited slices of brick-oven pizza paired with delicious natural fruit juices and innovative sweet pizzas. Pura Gula is your best bet if you are looking for a twist on a common yet never-tiring treat.

Pura Gula
Providencia, Barrio Suecia
General Holley 2380 and Nueva Los Leones
Tel: 334-0695
Metro Los Leones

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