A Quick Lesson in Profundity at Azul Profundo

The bust of a mermaid thrusting out of the wall. Cavernous rooms and sea shells clustered amongst the oh-so-stylish decaying wood. You have now entered the space of Azul Profundo. Designed to create the ambiance of being aboard an old ship, the restaurant’s food will induce the right kind of rocking sensations on your palate.

Photo by Jason Snyder
Photo by Jason Snyder

The seafood is simple but prepared with care. The menu allows you to choose your fish by region in Chile – the south, central and northern Chile, as well as fresh yellowfish tuna and vidriola from Easter Island. Next choice is the accompanying salsas: caper and butter, crushed seafood and tomato, or perhaps a creamy spinach. Starters include the Peruvian style cebiche, fish cooked by a citric lime marinate. Scallops, oysters and clams are offered up from the depths of the kitchen, parmigano style.

Photo by Jason Snyder
Photo by Jason Snyder

Dishes such as el curanto, a seafood medley, cooked in the pot are made for two people to share and can be joined by house-style vegetables or quinolla risotto. Main courses range from US$10-US$20. And if all the eating gets yee landlubber parrrched for some liquor, there is a rather fine selection of Chilean wines.

The old house was rebuilt in a typical Valparaisan style with the sea blue dominating the color scheme at the port style entrance. But what truly is deep about this restaurant, is the placemat.

If you want a quick CliffsNotes-style lesson on the profound poets of Chile, look no further than down. The words of Fernando Pezoa, Pablo Neruda and F. Garcia Lorca will drift around your culinary experience, invoking the atmosphere of the sea. So, for a multi-sensory eating experience, sail into Azul Profundo and ponder these words:

The man in the coast
Is never alone
He is always accompanied by the murmur of the sea
As the giant footsteps of someone that never arrives.

Azul Profundo
Constitucion 111 Bellavista, Santiago
Hours daily 1-4:30pm and 7:30pm-12:30am (Fri-Sat until 1:30am)
Phone + 56 27380 288

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