Rishtedar: Let India Spice Up Your Life

In a country that prefers paprika and salt, it can sometimes be difficult to find food that is both good and spicy. But should you feel up to delicious Indian cuisine, Rishtedar can fulfill your every palatal desire.

Santiago Chile Restaurant Review Rishtedar
Photo by Ana Topoleanu

Located in the trendy neighborhood of Providencia, the eight-table joint hits the spot for quieter nights with friends. The food prices are extremely reasonable, particularly for the plentiful portions, ranging from CP$3,000 to CP$4,500 (US$5.80-US$8.60).

As in most Indian restaurants you will find the typical naan, samosa (Indian version of an empanada) and a variety of curry and masala dishes. If you want spicy, go for the chicken biryani, a rice-based dish typical of the Middle East and South Asia. While there are many versions, the chicken, lamb and shrimp biryani at Rishtedar is prepared Pakistani and North Indian style, without potatoes.

If the sweetness of masala, a blend of regional spices mixed into a sauce, is more to your liking, go for the chicken or shrimp. The menu at Rishtedar also includes a couple of succulent vegetarian dishes for the herbivores out there. For a side dish try one of the Indian salads to take the heat off your tongue.

Santiago Chile Restaurant Review Rishtedar
Photo by Ana Topoleanu

After dinner, share a shisha (hookah), a water pipe filled with flavored tobaccos such as strawberry, rose or lemon. The smooth taste is perfect as a digestive and a great conversation starter. The small hookah, for two to four people, will cost CP$ 3,500 (US$ 6.70) while the 5-8 person pipe costs CP$ 5,000 (US$ 9.60).

The only real complaints that I have with Rishtedar are the wine prices. The cheapest bottle of wine they carry is CP$ 8,000 (US$ 15.40). Practically every other restaurant in Santiago has bottles of wine in the CP$ 3,000-6,000 range for those who wish to down a couple of bottles with friends without breaking the bank; Chile is, after all, a major wine producing country. There are great wines for the budget- conscious clientele that should be made available. That being said, Rishtedar does have freshly made juice that will send your taste buds to the moon.

Santiago Chile Restaurant Review Rishtedar
Photo by Ana Topoleanu

Don’t let the bad wine decision by the management keep you from enjoying some delicious Indian fare. The laid back atmosphere, highlighted by Indian music and rotating Bollywood music videos, friendly staff and high quality food makes Rishtedar a top pick for a low key night out with the pals.

Directions: To get to Rishtedar take Line 1 (Red Line) to Metro Los Leones. From there, walk NE on 11 de Septiembre. Cross over Calle Los Leones and continue on Providencia. Take a right on Holanda and you will find this Indian delight on the left.

Holanda 160
Providencia, Santiago
Telephone: 2-2313257

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