A taste of Mexico in Chile: Charro de Oro

Hole in the wall restaurants are known for being small and inexpensive, while amazingly authentic and delicious. Charro de Oro is the closest you will find to a Mexican hole in the wall restaurant in Santiago. While it might not taste like the Mexican food you can get in Los Angeles and San Diego, it definitely is among the best there is in Chile.

Santiago Chile
Photo by Kendal Montgomery

Conveniently located only a couple blocks from the metro Cummings sits this taquería, where you enter to the sound of typical Mexican music with the occasional “El Grito,” the famous Mexican yell, and walls brightly decorated in traditional Mexican style and colors.

Santiago Chile
Photo by Kendal Montgomery

The small kitchen sits near the front entrance and the aroma of refried beans and carne asada invites you inside.

Charro de Oro offers a wide variety of dishes at cheap prices; enchiladas, quesadillas, burritos and their famous “tablas.” However, they are most notable for their tacos, which come in fifteen different varieties, including chicken, lengua (cow tongue) and carnitas (pork). To wash down your meal they have an assortment of Mexican beers, such as Tecate, Sol and Corona, as well as national beers, soda and juices.

The atmosphere at Charro de Oro is lively and fun. The kitchen is in full view of the diners and the delightful chef smiles away as she works. The staff is friendly and efficient while the food is delicious and very affordable. The beans were as authentic as they come and the tacos start from only CP$1.500. Chips and salsa accompany the meal, and, while the portion might be smaller than what some are accustomed to, the salsa is actually spicy!

Make sure to come to this charming and tasty hidden wonder on an empty stomach-- with huge main dishes you'll be sure to leave in some state of a Mexican food coma.

Charro de Oro
Monday–Thursday 7:30pm to midnight
Friday and Saturday: 7:30pm to 2am
Telephone: 697 2695
Ricardo Cumming 342
Santiago, Chile
Metro Cumming (Line 1)

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