Tea in Santiago never tasted so good: La Tetería

Coming to a country so obsessed with tea that some families prefer to have once (a light meal eaten in the afternoon/evening with tea or coffee) instead of dinner, I thought that Santiago would have an abundance of teashops with extensive selections of tea and its concoctions. Sadly, I found that when asking for tea in Chile, it would seem that the direct translation is “Lipton Yellow Label Tea bags, please?” But for those days when Lipton just isn’t enough, one should head over to the tea sanctuary known as La Tetería.

Santiago Chile
Photo by Mauro Tapia (see more photos)

Walking into this teashop, one is immediately attracted to the tranquil and relaxed ambiance, which administrator Constanza Maige says La Tetería takes special pride in. Guests can unplug from the noisy and grey city life in the intimate and warmly decorated interior.

Santiago Chile
Photo by Mauro Tapia

The mixture of seating arrangements makes it comfortable for one to sit chatting with friends at a table or to cozy up with a good book in the armchair with a subtle jazz soundtrack in the background. Customers can also enjoy the convenient wi-fi connection.

La Tetería houses a broad variety of teas that are imported from anywhere between South Africa to Indonesia. The guided menu explains every variety in detail, so that even a person unfamiliar with the variety of teas can find something they are looking for. The collection includes white, green, yellow, oolong, black, black blends, red, rooibos, fruit infusions and herbal infusions. Tea is sold by the pot, which renders 3 delicious cups, ranging in price but averaging around CP$2,000 (USD$3.65).

Santiago Chile
Photo by Mauro Tapia

If you come with an appetite, La Tetería offers an assortment of sandwiches available on either white or whole-grain bread (about CP$2,330; or US$4.30) and salads, as well as some other tasty items. For anyone seeking a smaller addition to their pot of tea, I recommend the enticing array of American-style pastries, ranging from cookies to cheesecakes.

The business, which opened in 2007, sells tea leaves in portions of 50 and 100 grams to prepare at home. Accessories for sale, such as teapots, mugs, and tea infusers, range from practical and stylish to artistically detailed.

La Tetería is simply all about the details. From the helpful staff to the discrete safety hooks for your belongings found under the tables, it is clear that La Tetería focuses on the customers’ satisfaction. So whether you come for the warm atmosphere or the genius blends of flavor (try a customer favorite: Maracuyá y Mango green tea), La Tetería is sure to please you.

La Tetería
Santa Magdalena 86, Providencia
Metro stop: Los Leones
Teléfono: (56) 2-333-8912

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