Teclados: The Cure for the Common Bar

Vitacura is not usually known to be as lively as Bellavista or party headquarters like Suecia. But make no mistake: Teclados Taberna runs the show when it comes to Santiago’s bar scene.

Santiago Chile Teclados
Photo by Kyle Weaver

The traditional bar appearance doesn’t strike any as extraordinary upon entrance. Wooden tables are sprawled throughout the bar, giving it an old-school restaurant look. Classic rock music plays, adding to the vintage ambience. A few big-screen TVs are in the back for the soccer-crazed.

Santiago Chile Teclados
Photo by Kyle Weaver

The clientele, however, is anything but old-school. On Friday nights, Teclados packs with the college-aged crowd and the older yet young-at-heart.

Teclados features a full list of drinks, though there are plenty of sandwiches and hamburgers to choose from, too. But two things put Teclados on the map: its french fries and Long Island Iced Tea.

The french fries come in generous portions. A huge plate of french fries for CP$3,000 (US$5) is enough for four people. Topped with cheese, sour cream, bacon and a sprinkle of basil, it's a welcomed plate for those disappointed in their search for flavor in Chilean food.

Santiago Chile Teclados
Photo by Kyle Weaver

The Long Island Iced Tea is another classic. At CP$2,200 (US$3.75), the Long Island comes with the typical ingredients, along with a little added Chilean flavor--pisco and lemon juice. Yet it goes down more smoothly than any Long Island you’ve had before. On that note, be careful; for less than CP$5,000 there's a good chance you'll walk out feeling a buzz.

With great prices, delicious food and drinks, and a buzzing vibe unlike most Santiago bars, you can’t say you’ve experienced the bar scene in Santiago until you’ve been to Teclados. Come early, too. The place fills up fast, and after midnight it’ll be very tough finding an open table. A trip to Vitacura has never been so worth it.

*Note: There are two locations of Teclados. There is an affiliated Teclados restaurant at Vitacura 3917.

Teclados Taberna
Vitacura 7235 (between Bartolomolé Sharp and Nicolos Gogol)
Phone: 9 240 2028

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