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Thailand has one of the most vibrant cuisines in the world. Over the past ten years Thai food has swept the world over with its curries with coconut milk, sweet and sour noodles and spice packed soups. Although at first glance it would seem that the Thai food phenomenon has yet to hit Santiago, there are a couple gems that are worth a visit. A few days ago I was delighted to come across a modest little place called My Thai Food.

Santiago Chile review My Thai Food

If you are looking for an atmosphere that will transport you to southeast Asia, then this is not the place for you. This little gem keeps it simple: small dining room with a few tables and a small open kitchen. My Thai Food serves as a great alternative to the Chilean “fast food” scene. You can get a healthy portion of Red Curry for about CP$ 1,800 (approx. US$ 3.20), the same price as a churrasco. Even better, if you are with a group yet to be sold on the Thai idea, they offer Chilean classics such as completos, papa fritas, and lomitos.

The pad thai and green curry dishes come with an assortment of vegetables and, more importantly, the curries are actually spicy, and not by the bland standards of your average Chilean--I mean wasabi-eating Tabasco-drinking spicy.

The tiny restaurant doesn’t have an alcohol license though the owners, Suphandeee Paothong and Pedro Mirando Gorlia, are more than willing to let you bring a couple bottles of beer to put out the curry fire.

Gorlia said that his inspiration for My Thai Food was to make “exotic” food accessible without breaking the bank--an important factor to consider when their neighborhood competitor seves the same Thai dish for 6 times the price.

“In the past five years Chileans have really become interested in international food,” Gorlia said. “This is a great time for culinary expansion for Chileans.”

If you are looking for an upper brow experience, you should probably skip this quaint restaurant. The rice is pre-cooked and then microwaved so it tends to be a bit on the rubbery side. That being said, for the value, My Thai Food is a real treat.

My Thai Food
Santa Filomena 144
Barrio Bellavista

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