That A$ Though: Feasting at El Tio Manolo

If you saw the word "As" advertised as an option on a menu, would you order it? Let me tell you, this As would be a shame to miss.

Photo courtesy Tio Manolo
Photo courtesy Tio Manolo

El Tio Monolo is a mini chain restaurant in Santiago created by Manuel Laínez. Laínez promotes his delicious dishes by assuring that he uses only the highest quality fresh meats, avocados, eggs and vegetables. These ingredients are used to create flavor-filled sandwiches of many forms, including Churrascos, Vienesas, As, Lomo and Hamburguesas.

Within each sandwich category there are a number of possible variations and toppings, providing customers with a difficult decision ahead. Luckily, it's practically impossible to make a bad decision- everything on the menu is simply made to perfection.

 Photo by Milan Gary
Photo by Milan Gary

The As is one of the more commonly ordered dishes at El Tio Monolo. There are different ways to prepare the dish with a base of either chicken or beef. As Italiano contains a delicate spread of avocado, mayonnaise and tomatoes. The beef version adds a tender texture, while the chicken option provides a delightful, peppery flavor. These ingredients completely fill out the surrounding soft bun and create the illusion of perfect placement with none of the ingredients spilling over.

Upon first contact with this flavor-packed As, though, this illusion quickly falls apart. The top layer of ingredients immediately starts falling from the bun onto the plate. After the first bite bursting with flavors, it becomes impossible to focus on the mess created on both your plate and face. Each bite only enhances the past flavors, putting the customer in a trance and making it impossible to continue any conversation with your friends.

 Photo by Milan Gary
Photo by Milan Gary

A similar experience can be had with the Ave Campesino. If you're looking for a meal that counts as both lunch and dinner, this is the sandwich for you. The Ave Campesino is huge! Filled with chicken, avocado, tomatoes, salsa verde, and mayonnaise, this sandwich is guilty of putting its consumer in a hardcore food coma.

But wait- there's more!

 Photo by Milan Gary
Photo by Milan Gary

Accompanying this profound experience is a plate of crispy, golden french fries. The fries are filled with soft, fresh potatoes, cooked to perfection containing a light golden hue, with a minimal amount of salt. This side dish successfully complements the As or Ave Campesino and integrating the plates is hard to resist- as parts of the As fall onto the plate they easily become a delicious dip for the fries. The juice from the tomatoes mixed with the avocados combine perfectly with the thick, soft, warm potatoes hidden within the outer crisp skin of the fries.

Knowing that this experience can be repeated with an abundant amount of other flavors and options makes it challenging to restrain oneself from going to El Tío Monolo every day. Having three conveniently placed locations in Ñuñoa, La Reina and Providencia further discourages exploring other dining options. Regardless, remember never to judge a dish by its name, for this was the greatest As I have ever experienced!

El Tio Manolo


  • Simón Bolivar
    Dirección: Simón Bolivar 6528, La Reina.
    Horarios: Lunes a Sábado de 10:30 a 23:00 hrs.
  • Manuel Montt
    Dirección: Manuel Montt 474, Providencia.
    Horarios: Lunes a Viernes de 10:30 a 22:30 hrs.
    Sábado de 10:30 a 16:30
  • Ñuñoa
    Dirección: Pdte. Battle y Ordoñez 3771, Ñuñoa.
    Horarios: Lunes a Sábado de 10:00 a 23:00 hrs.
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