Tierra Café

Try to find a good cup of coffee in Santiago and you're left with two options: the gringo-central Starbucks or a borderline NC-17 café con piernas. Bummer.

Santiago Chile Review: Tierra Cafe
Photo by Marta Wilson-Barthes

But a one month-old shop off Plaza Brasil offers tourists and locals alike a place to relax, unwind and enjoy a nice cup of artisan coffee in a new-age ambience. Raw wooden seats, wicker table mats and votive lighting complement Tierra Cafe owner Juan Carlos’ free-flowing locks and tie-dyed style.
Santiago Chile Review: Tierra Cafe
Photo by Marta Wilson-Barthes

“I can't say how long this shop will be here, but with all the people I’ve met so far, I already feel like a rich man,” waxes Juan.

Hippie Man’s varying interests are visible in the blooming bouquets that sit atop every table. Selling flowers around the city is, Juan Carlos admits, his true passion, and the reason Tierra Café opens exclusively in the afternoon.

While Tierra’s coffee, herbal tea and homemade cupcakes run between CP$1,000 (US$2.00) and CP$3,000, the café is open to anyone who wishes to sit, read, do homework or simply converse without spending a peso. However, it may be hard to pass up the newest addition of artisan gelato, made from all-natural fruits with (and I double-checked) as many free tastings as you want.

Santiago Chile Review: Tierra Cafe
Photo by Marta Wilson-Barthes

In order to connect adults young and old, Fridays are newly designated as BYOW (Bring Your Own Wine). Sipping a bottle of Carmenère to the background beats of Ben Harper or Chilean folklore is a great way to spend any Friday evening.

Vino el viernes, free ice cream and open on Sundays--Tierra is bound for coffee greatness.

Move over, Starbucks.

Tierra Cafe
Barrio Brasil
Maturana 430 (off of Plaza Brasil)
Metro to Cumming
Monday to Friday, 6 pm to 12 am
Saturday and Sunday, opens 4 pm

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