Valdivia, Chile: The Door is Open to The Final Frontier

Everyone knows that it would be a sin to live in Chile and not travel to the south. With its cities as varied as the people, there is a treasure for everyone just waiting to be discovered. I found mine in Valdivia.

Valdivia Chile Review: La Ultima Frontera
Photo courtesy La Ultima Frontera

Alongside the Kuntsman factory, Entrelagos chocolate and dockside sea lions, La Ultima Frontera (The Final Frontier) instantly earned a place in my heart. An out-of-sight haven on the edge of town, the chipping red paint and mismatched lawn furniture of this converted house proved to be just the thing to satisfy my appetite for food, friends and fun.

Valdivia Chile Review: La Ultima Frontera
Photo courtesy La Ultima Frontera

Hungry travelers and locals alike can enjoy the homey atmosphere inside or on the porch. With only two days in this southern haven, I could only sample the shawarma, falafel, tacos and grilled cheese. Large portions kept me full and the quality kept me coming back not once, not twice but three times. Prices ran between CP$2,000 (US$4.00) and CP$3,500 and every dish came with a side of homemade salsa made spicy to satisfy every individual taste.

On top of the excellent food and drink selection, La Ultima Frontera boasts an active role in the local art and activism culture. During my second meal in the restaurant, Pedro, our regular waiter, let us know they would be showing a movie on the lawn later that night. Relaxing in front of the documentary about underground punk music in Valdivia made by local art students, I appreciated the side of culture, art and music that came with my dinner.

Valdivia Chile Review: La Ultima Frontera
Photo courtesy La Ultima Frontera

During my two days, three meals and countless drinks in the countryside restaurant, everyone was always more than excited to “take a beer” with gringos and share life stories.

After seeing Puerto Montt, Puerto Barras and Chiloe, I knew this local eatery, with is mix of ethnic food and culture, was my treasure. So, if you are in Chile for a while, make it a point to travel south and check out La Ultima Frontera in Valdivia, where the door is always open.

La Ultima Frontera
Vicente Perez Rosales 787 (corner of Vicente Perez Rosales and Yerbas Buenas)
Valdivia, Chile
Tel. (63) 235 363

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