Bar Constitución: The Universal Party Mecca

Dark grey, steel factory gates guard the entrance, but inside is a lounge filled with young people laughing, lounging and speaking Spanish, English and French. The scene, a little semblant of a Berlin club, feels like crashing an exchange student party--and the sound of all those languages together is like music to an expat's ears.

Santiago Chile Bar Constitucion
Photo by Ana Topoleanu

On the gates, somewhere in the midst of scattered graffiti, “Constitución” is scribbled, labeling the Bellavista discotheque. The lounge acts as a decompression room, a transitional portal between the street noise and the club's inner world of crushing decibels and darkness. It’s smartly separated from the dance floor by a glass wall, so you can see everything inside and listen to the music while still being able to hear your own voice.

Santiago Chile Bar Constitucion
Photo by Ana Topoleanu

You won’t lounge for too long before the dancing mood kicks in. The best of electro pop lures you from the lounge into the main room, where the DJ's harmonious transitions between songs and well-inspired mixed beats throw your body into the rhythm almost unconsciously.

But before being absorbed by the music and crowd of people dancing, notice your surprising surroundings. Themed like a factory hall, one wall is covered by a fence of rough wooden planks. The DJ stage also looks like the work of an amateur carpenter: a minimal wooden structure.

It’s a clumsy combination of the motifs of a mountain cabin on one side of the room and an industrial factory on the other. On top of it all, the interior designer may have found the worst way to connect the two sides: a pipe along the ceiling from which a few light bulbs and a mirror ball hang.

Strangely, it’s that awkward combination of styles that makes the place so friendly. Despite the decor and not-so-low drink prices (CP$2,000, or US$3.25, for a beer), Bar Constitución still makes you feel like a citizen of the universal partying world.

Bar Constitución
Constitución 61 (between Bellavista and Dardignac)
Phone: 244 4569

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