Be a Fashion Designer for a Day, Walk Away Feeling Like a Star

Ever find the perfect jacket but it didn’t fit your contours quite right? Perhaps you found the perfect dress, but it’s just not the right color. Maybe you've always wanted to custom-design a jacket, but didn’t have the slightest clue how. Your fitting and matching frustrations can be relinquished at the boutique with no name.

No name fashion boutique
Photo by Christopher Valdes

Located near Lastarria at Merced 324, this boutique sells colorful, innovative men’s and women’s apparel as well as accessories, hats and a Chilean fashion must-have: la alforja (fanny pack). The unique cuts, colors and detailing of the clothes will make you a fashion standout next to the more traditional styles back home.

Santiago Chile Fashion Design
Photo by Christopher Valdes

An added bonus at the boutique with no name is that the clothes are made on site in the workshop underneath the store. God forbid you don’t have a model's body, they'll fit, hem and contour your purchase to your body shape, free of charge.

The unbelievably low prices will have you creating and buying head-to-toe outfits without ever suffering from the shopper’s guilt. Pants in every color of the rainbow and all custom-made jeans will run you CP$15,000 (US$23). Women’s dresses range from CP$12,000 to $14,000. Unique, semi-formal, custom fit men’s sport coats in creative fabrics go for CP$28,000 and women’s for CP$15,000 to $18,000.

If any of the clothes sold in the boutique can be custom-made to your liking for the same price, then you can pick out the fabric, add hoods, grommets, pockets, stitching and detailing, then lengthen or shorten.

Santiago Chile Fashion Design
Photo by Christopher Valdes

Among the store’s signature designs are the recycled leather coats. They take old leather jackets (some of which are up to 70 years old), disarm them and create hip contemporary styles. Women’s jackets are feminine and sporty, unlike the traditional Italian black formal leather jackets, and come in a variety of colors. Men’s leather styles range from traditional semi-formal solids to motor-biker inspired.

And, if you don’t find exactly what you're looking for, you can walk down the stairs and meet with a designer, get measured, browse the leather collection and custom design your own dream jacket. Leather jackets cost about CP$75,000 (US$113), and surprisingly, one custom made will cost you the same.

The final bonus of the boutique with no name is the staff's eagerness to accommodate your needs without being fussy about their designs. Sketch a drawing of a dress you dream of--they'll gladly make it for you. Bring in a picture of a must have coat you saw in Vogue--they'll replicate it. Change up their own designs by adding a hood or leather, without getting dirty looks. You truly have all the power and resources to get exactly what you want at the boutique with no name.

The boutique with no name
Merced 324
Phone: 6 332 7077
Monday to Saturday, 12 to 9 pm
Sunday, 12 to 8 pm
Metro: Universidad Católica

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