The Bicentennial in Chile

The great celebration of September 18th is upon us, but this year it’s special. Chile is celebrating its bicentennial, 200 years of independence from Spain, with the national dance, the cueca, tons of food and tons of parties. Fiestas Patrias this year is quite the epic event and what better place to celebrate than the very heart of Chile? Santiago has tons to offer so make sure you pace yourself.

Santiago Chile
Photo courtesy Presidencia de la República de Chile

Below are just some of the events and activities taking place in town this weekend:

1. The Clinic

Santiago Chile

The Clinic is a great place to hang out any day of the week so you know any party they’re hosting is going to be a success. They have a great line-up of performers and if you’re willing to pay for it (CP$8,000), it will definitely be worth it. Well known Chilean bands like Chico Trujillo and Flor de Orquesta as well as DJs will make sure you dance the night away to traditional and modern music all night long.

When: September 18 at 20:00.
Where: Cerro Santa Lucía, Castillo Hidalgo.
Details: The Clinic on Facebook


2. Providencia

Providencia has tons to offer this year with an array of dance performances at the many different plazas in the comuna. And best of all, it’s all free!

When: Through September 20.
Where: Different parks and plazas in Providencia.
Details: Click here for a list of activities in Providencia


3. O’Higgins Park

If you can handle large crowds then head over to beautiful O’Higgins park right in the middle of Santiago. There will be lots of dancing and music throughout the day as well as a feast of empanadas and choripans.

When: Through September 20.
Where: Parque O’Higgins, Beauchef 398 (Metro Parque O’Higgins).


4. La Piojera

Santiago Chile
Photo by Kendal Montgomery

If it's the eighteenth and you're just dying for some good ol’ cueca, La Piojera is guaranteed to be thriving. It's a Chilean hot spot throughout the year so it's a given that it will be quite the popular locale during the weekend. Head there for some terremotos, but be brave- you WILL be asked to dance the cueca with someone. And by asked I mean dragged into the thick of people to dance.

When: Everyday.
Where: Aillavilú 1030 (Metro Puente Cal y Canto)


5. People's Bicentennial Day of Commemoration

Three stages and eight neighborhood blocks mean there's something for everyone- games for children, debates for the adults, as well as plays and dance performances for everyone in between. It’s taking place the day after the eighteenth so it could be a great way to unwind and detox a bit.

When: September 19.
Where: Barrio Yungay
Details: Bicentenario Ciudadano y Popular Chile 2010


This is but a taste of what Santiago will be offering this weekend but no matter where you go or what you, it will be in celebration of Chile’s two hundred years of independence. Drink up, chow down and be merry, Chilean style!

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