The Bullet Episode 2: Cemetery General

Founded in 1821 along with the Republic of Chile, the General Cemetery in Santiago has long been an important landmark for Chileans to commemorate those who influenced history.

The final resting place of presidents, artists, philosophers, scientists and politicians, the cemetery was originally created as a site that would pay homage to the people who had made Chile great.

Photo by Travis Toll
Photo by Travis Toll

However, as a functioning cemetery it is not just a monument, but a place full of life and emotion as people continue visit to mourn their dead and lay to rest their loved ones.

Nestled in the north of the city in Recoleta, the 210 acres of the General Cemetery are a must-see for visitors and Santiaguinos alike.

As a physical manifestation of the history of Santiago and Chile more generally, it has seen its share of contention over who gets to control the cultural memory of the country. A walk through the meandering paths and catacombs sheds light on the tensions between Chileans about who and what should be celebrated of the country, and how.

Photo by Travis Toll
Photo by Travis Toll

But at the same time it is a simple place, where the teddy bears adorning one grave or the many football flags and flowers on others bear witness to the human stories that abound throughout the cemetery.

As the municipality that runs the cemetery and cultural groups from throughout the city begin to offer more opportunities to tour and learn about its history, Revista Revolver took a night tour to see what the fuss was about.

Join us for our second episode of the Bullet, Revista Revolver's podcast, as we check out the tour and discuss some of the history and significance of the General Cemetery of Santiago.

Photo by Travis Toll
Photo by Travis Toll

To visit the General Cemetery it is possible to organise your own trip. Otherwise there are regular tours which can be found at on the general website and charge CLP $2,500 per person.

General Cemetery
Av. Profesor Alberto ZaƱartu 951
Free Entrance

Night tours information at

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