El Clan: All About The Music

El Clan is not one of those clubs where the music is incidental. This club takes its music and DJ's seriously.

Santiago Chile
Photo by Robert Silva

The DJ's aren't snobby about it, though. They have no qualms about putting on Blondie, Daft Punk and electronic cumbia tracks back to back, because that night, at that hour with that crowd, a dead-on alchemy had everybody dancing happily. And on a different night with a different DJ, the recipe was different--Prince, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Roisin Murphy--but the outcome just as fun.

Santiago Chile

This is how seriously they take their music: On the website are biographies and discographies of every DJ, links to downloadable samples of their music and streaming audio to listen to acts scheduled for upcoming nights. Someone plays or DJ's every night the club is open, from Tuesday to Saturday. The agenda features extremely varied acts from recurring guest DJ's, to well-known bands to new acts. The site also lets visitors vote for El Clan's best DJ's and hosts music reviews as well as forums for every subject from music to the municipal elections.

This localized, music-loving clan is behind El Clan, but the club is for anyone who likes to dance to good music. There’s also a back room for the more laid-back crowd who wants to listen to the show and chat more than dance, with videos on the walls for a bit of visual stimulation.

Formerly El Clandestino, the club changed names around the time it stopped being clandestine. Though this happened a few years ago, you can still hear old-timers reminiscing,

Santiago Chile

as they stand in the line that inevitably forms after 1 a.m., about the days when El Clandestino was relatively unknown.

The lines and the cover charge (CP$1,000 (US$1.50) to CP$3,000 (US$5.00)) are the only ways in which El Clan could be considered a victim of its own success--but its commitment to music is the same, and drink prices within the club are normal, with a piscola going for about CP$2,500 (US$4.00).

For discriminating music-lovers, avoid surprises by checking out and listening to upcoming acts on the website. For the rest, head over to El Clan and enjoy the surprise the DJ's have lovingly prepared for you.

El Clan
Bellavista, Santiago
Bombero Nuñez 363

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