Farinelli Bar: A Comedy Show that Crosses All Lines

Looking for more than just your average comedy show? Check out the colorful, raunchy and erratic comedy show at Farinelli Bar in Bellavista, hosted by some of Santiago’s most outrageous drag queens.

Photo by Mary Lide Parker
Photo by Mary Lide Parker

Like most comedy clubs, Farinelli is dimly lit and smoky except for the bright stage with its signature black and white striped backdrop, hinting at the feel of a circus. The rest of the room is packed with little round tables and chairs and Madonna blares from the speakers as you walk in. The drink menu has typical drinks with typical prices and, because it’s a comedy show, there’s no cover at the door — but you do have to buy drinks.

Photo by Mary Lide Parker
Photo by Mary Lide Parker

The music is turned up and a plump and fabulous drag queen makes her entrance, lip-synching and strutting her stuff to the hits of girl-power divas like Whitney Houston. After her sweet song and introduction, her real personality comes out — picking out members of the audience who are nervously sipping their first cocktail. She shows no mercy, flinging questions around the room, the first one always being “eres gay?”

Like any good queen her jokes are clever and sexual. As the night goes on and more queens take the stage, the jokes start to dance between clever and crude and most of them will be lost on you if you don’t have a commanding knowledge of rapid Chilean slang. But the appearances and manner of the queens will leave you smiling in spite of yourself.

As it gets later the jokes get even cruder and more physically explicit while the drunken crowd roars with laughter. The show is five hours long and, once again, if your Spanish isn’t up to par you probably won’t want to sit through the whole thing.

Photo by Mary Lide Parker
Photo by Mary Lide Parker

But do stay for the break halfway through the show, during which a screen drops down and a hilarious video is played, advertising the gay-friendly Farinelli Hotel. Edging on pornographic, this scandalous “commercial” will leave you howling with laughter.

The fabulous make up and outfits may entice you to snap a few photos but don’t expect to go unnoticed. The queens will call you out as the paparazzi and demand that you not take pictures of them from below — they don’t want their double chins showing.

So if you’re up for a wild night of unique humor, and you’re willing to have the jokes turned on you, head to Farinelli’s in Barrio Bellavista.

Farinelli Bar
Bombero Nuñez 68
Comedy nights Fridays and Saturdays from 11pm
Free entrance

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