Galería Moro: Santiago’s answer to the Saatchi Gallery

Nestled deep in the heart of Santiago’s Lastarria neighborhood, minutes away from some of the capital’s most prestigious museums, lies a hotbed of contemporary Latin American art.

Santiago Chile
Photo by Joanna Rozniak

Situated in Plaza Mulato Gil off Calle Merced, you have to turn into what appears to be the access to a block of flats in order to reach Galería Moro. It is only by looking through the darkly lit passage to the back that your eyes fall upon the stark white entrance.

Santiago Chile
Photo by Joanna Rozniak

Perhaps best described as an art showroom due to its intimate size, the gallery is brightly lit and minimal. The unfussy décor means that the visitor’s attention is entirely focused on the art and not its surroundings.

Galería Moro was launched by business man and art collector Juan Pablo Moro in 2007. The idea behind the gallery is to not only provide contemporary Latin American artists with a space in which they can showcase their work, but also to grant them publicity on an international scale. As owner and director, Juan Pablo Moro is a dedicated representative of the artists who exhibit in his gallery; he provides them with the management and support needed to ensure they are recognized on the worldwide art scene.

Being at the forefront of contemporary art means that Galería Moro exhibits the freshest and most exciting artists Latin America has to offer. The gallery has put on a versatile range of exhibitions accommodating everything from Neo-Pop and installations to sculpture and photography. This high level of diversity is ensured by the fact that Moro selects artists from all over the continent. The gallery has represented contemporary Argentinean artists such as Roman Vitali, Leo Battisteli, Sergio Avello and Jorge Miño who through the gallery have had the opportunity to exhibit their work in Chile.

The gallery also has strong links with other showrooms across the continent, all of which aim to give exposure to the best of contemporary Latin American art. This pioneering force includes two galleries in Buenos Aires: Braga Menéndez ( and Dabbah Torrejón ( and stretches as far as Mexico with Kbk (

Santiago Chile
Photo by Joanna Rozniak

The enterprising and innovative thinking that lies behind the gallery has seen it attract some of Chile’s most influential contemporary artists. Internationally recognized artists help to form the management support the gallery provides its exhibiting artists. Along with Galería Moro’s staff, these significant personalities of the Chilean art world patron the emerging artists exhibited by the gallery and aim to get the work shown in international forums and art festivals.

Some of the artists associated with Galería Moro are: Mónica Bengoa, who represented Chile in the last Biennale; Iván Navarro, one of the most successful artists of the new generation; Camilo Yánez, a very present artist who is also the curator of Matucana 100; Isidora Correa, known for her hard-hitting and controversial installations and Arturo Duclos, an established artist and winner of the Guggenheim scholarship, among others.

If you’re keen to keep your finger on the pulse of contemporary Latin American art, there’s no doubt that Galería Moro is the place to visit.

Exhibitions May/June:
Cristiàn Velasco: Hogar
Jorge Miño: Descanso del Silencio
Critóbal Cea: Big Data
Detanico & Lain: White Noise

Galería Moro
Merced 349 #12, Santiago
Phone: +56 (2) 633 8652 or 634 8494Monday through Friday from 10 am to 7 pm
Metro: Bellas Artes or Universidad Católica

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