A Gringo’'s Guide to New Year’'s in Chile

Editor's Note: We've brought back Adam's guide with updated information on parties going on this year! We'll be back with our "best bets for the weekend" in a couple of weeks! Enjoy and stay safe!

Trying to figure out what to do in Chile on one of the biggest party nights of the year? Wondering what the locals do differently to celebrate? Feeling overwhelmed? Have no fear, Revolver's here.

Photo courtesy Davidlohr Bueso
Photo courtesy Davidlohr Bueso

Crazy Chilean New Year’s Customs and Superstitions:

  • Women wear yellow underwear if they are looking for love - there's bound to be a half-way logical reason as to why yellow underwear is thought to bring love, but we have yet to find it...
  • You’re supposed to give your first hug of the New Year to someone of the opposite sex – I imagine that those people with the “Free Hugs” signs will be a little more frugal with their hugs at this time of year.
  • People carry suitcases around their block, before midnight, in hopes of traveling in the coming year – also making this day the biggest score for Chilean luggage thieves.
  • Chileans eat 12 grapes in efforts to make money during the year – rumor has it that this custom was sparked by savvy grape industry execs to boost slumping year-end sales figures.
  • Lentils are eaten to bring an abundance of things in the New Year – so far this has only proven to result in an abundance of leftover lentils.
  • Everyone kisses at midnight – with this country’s rampant amount of Public Displays of Affection during every other day of the year, 24:00 should be quite the spectacle.
  • The first 12 hours of the New Year are supposed to signify the twelve months of the coming year – for example if you’re working all night/morning on New Year’s you’ll be working just as hard all year long – makes sense.
  • Seafood at lunch on January 1 is the overwhelming choice for the Chilean hangover cure – the fish market at Mercado Central will be packed with caña-toting diners.
  • "Un año más" is sung, quite loudly, right after midnight hits – you'll know it when you hear it – and you'll definitely hear it.
  • Popular drinks and foods are: "Ponche a la romana" (champagne with piña colada ice cream), Cola de mono (a mix of aguardiente, coffee, cinnamon and milk) and “pan de Pascua” (fruit cake)

New Year's Parties - Santiago

Pretty much every bar and club will be having some kind of New Year's party, but here's a list of some of the coolest ones in Santiago:

  • Chico Trujillo / Banda Conmocion / Santa Feria
    Open-air event featuring legendary Chilean party band Chico Trujillo, Banda Conmocion and Santa Feria. Awesome lineup if you're staying in town and even includes an open bar so this should be pretty insane.
    Address: Club de Campos Las Vizcachas (Camino a San José de Maipo 05669)
    Tickets: $20,000 CLP pre-sale, $25,000 general
  • La Moneda - Entel Tower
    Thousands of people show up every year for the huge party in the streets with fireworks coming off the Entel Tower. Party starts at 8pm.
    Free Admission
    Address: Palacio La Moneda – Metro La Moneda
  • Cerro Calan
    If you're in the Las Condes or Vitacura area and afraid of heading downtown (tsk tsk), catch some of the fireworks coming off Cerro Calan in Las Condes.
    Free Admission
    Location: Cerro Calan, Las Condes
  • Blondie
    Blondie's going all-out with three separate parties. Well, actually two in Santiago - the other one's at their Valpo joint. The party at Teatro Caupolican is featuring a 90's theme, while the Metro ULA one is a masquerade party with new wave, britpop, indie, etc.
    Cost: Teatro Caupolican: 10,000 CLP; Metro ULA: 8,000 CLP
  • Castillo Hidalgo
    Pichanga, dance hits, pop, hip-hop, 80's and 90's music and an open bar all night. This is over at Cerro Santa Lucia.
    Cost: Starting at $46.200 CLP
    Location: Castillo Hidalgo, Cerro Santa Lucia
  • Casona Morande
    This party is advertising itself as the biggest "open mind" party in Santiago this New Year's (read: gay-friendly). Two dance areas featuring dance, house, pop, pachanga and dance hits.
    Cost: Door: $30,000 CLP (open bar)
    Location: Morandé #538, Santiago.
  • Revive 2015
    Three zones and a party that goes on until 7am. Dancehall, hip-hop, 80's and more.
    Cost: VIP: $35,000 CLP
    Location: Avda Blanco Encalada 2540
  • Nikkita Happiness
    Looking for something a bit more exclusive? Catch the party at Hotel W - electro and deephouse. Party starts at 12:30am. Must be at least 28 yrs old.
    Cost: Starting at $27.500 CLP
    Location: Hotel W, Isidora Goyenechea 3.000
  • Amanecer 2015
    Espacio Broadway is aiming at hosting the longest party of the new year; this one ends at 7PM on the 1st. More than 30 djs, campground areas, pool party the next day, etc.
    Cost: Starting at $46,200 CLP
    Location: Espacio Broadway, Ruta 68 km 16 (outside Santiago)
  • Elevate 2015
    We're missing an accent somewhere there. EDM party at Espacio Riesco, with "random dj stages" and beer-pong (wtf?).
    Cost: Pre-sale about $20-25 CLP; door $30,000 CLP
    Location: Espacio Riesco, Av. El Salto 5000

New Year's Parties - Valparaiso/Viña

Aside from the famous fireworks in Valpo, a number of different parties are going on if you make it out to the coast:

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